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3 Level 130 2311 people
4 Level 23 1803 people
5 Level 70 1638 people

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Light-bulbStuck on Level 29

by Penny Green Herndon - Jan 04, 2013 Star_s29,270 views

I am stuck.....have been sick for weeks maybe n months I don't know anymore but can't get past this level, what's the trick??

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12-em-plus add reply

wouldn't agree.. level 65 is the globally toughest candy crush saga level!


i am confident level 29 is the most difficult level in Candy crush! Only here in gamersunite there are 8 topics for level 29!!!!

One of these topics includes two waklthroughs and a few tips that helped me: http://gamersunite.coolchaser.com/topics/106707-candy-crush-saga-level-29-cant-beat-it


How do I get more lives? New at this game.


If you're on the one where you have to get rid of the jellies what I did was get as many lives as possible, create color bombs and other special gadgets. I started getting rid of the jellies one at a time though and it helped.

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