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Light-bulbJack's Adventure - The Pigeon Loft

by Tonya Collins - Jan 05, 2013 Star_s1,496 views


Jack has left the homestead for an around the world adventure and needs your help getting supplies as he travels ! He even took pigeons along to help him keep in touch. Maybe he will send us cool stuff from the places he visits?

-Gated at level 18
-New Crop - Mulberry (free gift)
-New Collection - Souvenir
-New Costume - reward for wrapper
-Feed Whelps that turn into 1 of 3 dragon varieties


I. Midnight Departure
Chop Trees 20 Times
Harvest 20 Potatoes
Place the Pigeon Loft
Rewards: 500XP, Molten Cake, Fully Grown Pine

II. Arctic Accoutrement
Tend 25 Gardener Sheep
Harvest 30 Snow Piles
Help Jack Survive
Rewards:1'000XP, Lost Penguin, 3 Aged Salmon

III. The Care and Feeding of Reptiles
Heal Two Whelps
Tend a Lost Penguin 10 times
Send Jack a package
Rewards: 2 Wolfnut Trees, 5 Mulberry Bushes, Chinese Lanten
Notes: Whelps are healed with 12 Meaty Morsels (Wall Post). You got a Lost Penguin from the previous mission.

IV. Desert Detainment
Harvest 35 Mulberry Bushes
Tend 50 Standard Goats
Help Jack out of trouble!
Rewards: 2'000XP, Fruit Harvest Boost, Anubis Statue
Notes: Mulberry Bushes are a free gift.

V. Dubious Cuisine
Harvest 40 Cocoa Trees
Harvest 60 Grapes (NOT Wine Grapes)
Save Jack from Parisian Cuisine
Rewards: 2'000XP, Model Eiffel Tower, 2 Escargot Boosts

*Wrapper: Deluge Of Dragons
Collect 4 Jade Dragons
Collect 4 Lil Red Dragons
Collect 2 Purple Puff Dragons
Rewards: 10'000XP, 1 Green Lightning, Dragon Outfit
Notes: Dragons are grown from Whelps with 12 Meaty Morsels.




Stage One - Alaskan Apparel
8 Down Hats - Geese
4 Panel Boxes - Direct Request
3 Winter Coats - Crafted
6 Wool Mittens - Sheep
5 Parcel Labels - Wall Post
2 Piggie Protectors - Crafted
Crafting: Each Coat requires 3 Winter Shells (Flax) and 3 Jacket Liners (Wall Post). Each protector requires 3 Leather Boots (Cows) and 3 Warm Insoles (Direct Request).

Stage Two - Trouble Fitting In
15 Bundling String - Corn
12 Chinese Dictionaries - Direct Request
5 Silk Robes - Crafted
10 Frontier Fireworks - Rocks
10 Garment Bags - Wall Post
6 Foldable Forks - Crafted
Crafting: Each Robe requires 4 Silk Pieces (Silk) and 4 Golden Thread (Wall Post). Each Fork requires 4 Wood Pins (Lemon Trees) and 3 Broken Forks (Direct Request).

Stage Three - Bailing Jack Out
15 Pine Scents - Fully Grown Pine
15 Postage Stamps - Direct Request
8 Reference Letters - Crafted
20 Fresh Water - Snow Crystals
10 Bundling Paper - Wall Post
7 Flight Goggles - Crafted
Crafting: Each Letter requires 6 Proper Paper (Fully Grown Oak), 6 Official Headers (Wall Post) and 7 Honourable Stories (Direct Request). Each Goggles requires 4 Glass Polish (Wolfnut Trees), 8 Clear Jars (Direct Request) and 8 Goggle Straps (Wall Post).

Stage Four - Frontier Chow
20 Flower Perfume - Passion Flowers
20 Frontier French - Direct Request
7 Tomato Ketchup - Crafted
20 Dinner Mints - Peppermint Bushes
15 Escargot Forks - Wall Post
8 Spicy Salsa - Crafted
Crafting: Each Ketchup requires 12 Ripe Tomatoes , 12 Onion Powder (Wall Post) and 10 Corn Sugar (Direct Request). Each Salsa requires 6 Salsa Peppers (Bell Peppers), 9 Chopped Onions (Direct Request) and 10 Chopped Tomatoes (Wall Post).




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