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Question-whiteHow to get Horseshoes to unlock Apricot Acres?

by Nadia Marz - Jan 06, 2013 Star_s381 views

So i'm trying to unlock the Apricot Acres and i have to sell 10 horseshoes. how do i get the horseshoes? i've fed my horses but it doesn't seem to want to give me any horseshoes. or am i just being a real noob and wasting peoples time asking this question? sorry

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12-em-plus add reply

Not to my knowledge. Mine just always produce them. I think they used to only sometimes produce horseshoes at one point, but since Zynga changed the way prized animals work, they now always produce (saddles come from prized horses now)


so there isn't a trick to it? alright then thank you :)


my horses always give horseshoes... I get one from my mustang and 2 from my black arabian (I think thats how many I get) but they always produce them.


Horseshoes are one of the more difficult to get items. They are considered "rare" consumables by Zynga, like cheese from the goats and cows. I would suggest feeding horses on your neighbor's farms if they have them and just keep feeding your own horses. It may take a bit, but you will get them eventually. Good luck!

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