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Light-bulbCheat FarmVille 2 Coins using Cheat Engine 6.1

by Matthew Hoskins - Jan 07, 2013 Star_s44,463 views

The cheat is simple lower the price of "HarvEstate Manor" to 1 Coin and sell it with the amount of 500,000 Coins.

Play FarmVille 2

Start Cheat Engine 6.1

Select a process to open

Choose second FlashPlayerPlugin_11 (for firefox) or 2 3rd or 4th chrome.exe (google chrome)

Set the Value Type to 4 Bytes

Scan 1000000

Click the first address and then press Shift + left-click on the last address

Click the red arrow

Select all with Ctrl + A, then press ENTER

Change the value to 1

Buy the "HarvEstate Manor"

New Scan 50000

Select all address and click the red arrow then change all values to 500000

Now sell your HarvEstate Manor which is worth 500,000 Coins!

now have fun

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Hey there, if you are in search of Unlimited Coins here’s an awesome and easy to use cheat that I found for Farmville 2:


Enjoy your unlimited resources! :D


try this working for me:

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– Generate unlimited Farm Bucks,Feed and Water

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Is there a new cheat for getting coins using CE 6.4?


is not working anymore


Wont work for CE 6.4 :( It changes its value to buy for 1 coin, but when selling, It goes to 50,000


i have purchased harv estate manor for one coin, now please tell me how i can sell that ?


I have no idea why it doesn't work for me.

But instead this one works perfectly for me lol give it a try


@Marisol Narciso-Sielinski ---I found a way to do it.... you need your water at a low level though. Search for string feed and replace with water and then water something, refresh after a few seconds and your feed should reset to 0. It took me a few tries as it kept crashing flash player, but stick with it.


didn't work for me, i need help, have only had 1 successful claim for bottles!


I've tried all the versions of this cheat, and for some reason, it won't work for me. The HarvEstate Manor won't go down to 1 coin. Help!


can somebody help me how to lower my feeds, because i put to much, i cannot finish my quest because i put to much feeds. thanks you


worked great manor was in decorations section & you can set resale value for any amount hint: mill multiple $ script plugin crashed but still worked


that will helps you find cheat engine
this really works, i got 5 milion coins (max amount of coins)


--* I find trouble in downloading it. I finished taking the surveys but nothing happens. What's wrong?


Those farm ville 2 users who want to ++ Coins or Wanna Purchase Farm Bucks item email me at I will add Max 100,000 coins or purchase farm bucks item free without spending farm bucks by using my own technique. Kindly don't email me asking about how i do that if you want some get some :). Important Note: Cheat Engine and other programming apps are only for programmer leave it if you don't know how to used it it will damage your farm if something went wrong.


@ Shehzad - the website is down .. has been for days.
And no one blamed anyone for anything ..


here is the link without any surveys you people can't do by yourself then don't blame anyone els...


Yeah - and where is the link giving us the cheat engine without having to complete surveys and such nonsense to obtain it? :)

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