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Light-bulbCheat Water Bar Bonus

by Matthew Hoskins - Jan 07, 2013 Star_s2,993 views

Buy hay wagon in market and place it on farm

Open Cheat Engine Scan for 2250 under 4bytes

Drag all the result down and change it to 1M or 2M (2000000)

Now in Cheat Engine again set the value to string or text and type coins and make another scan Drag all the result down and change coins to water

Go back to farm and sell your hay wagon

Your now big time with water

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12-em-plus add reply

no longer works


Hey Samantha Miller . I think you are completely wrong . this is not resetting the water bar . I think this is the same steps for having a lot of water & it doesn't make sense to me .


after changing all results to 30 ..i cant set to string or text...please tell me how???


@Christoph:Reset Water Bar after Wagon Cheat

1. HAVE 30 or Less COINS
2. Buy hay wagon place it on farm
3. Open Cheat Engine Scan for 2250 under 4bytes
4. Drag all the result down and change all to 30
5. Set to string or text in cheat engine then type coins and make new scan
6. Drag all the result down select all and change value from coins to water
7. Go back to farm and sell your hay wagon
8. Wait a few seconds until it changes and you are set.
Max coins is 2m. after you set to default you can change bar back.. so
if you dont want 1 or 2m you can make it 1000 or what ever you want...
example.. instead of changing to 1m or 2m make it 1000, 10,000 , 25,000
ect.... i made mine 500 .

Hint. If you have lots of coins. Purchase many wagons and place in storage. Use them later to get 1m or 2m bar back

Or you can just have a neighbor visit your farm and tend your well.

(Info from :


can you tell me how to reverse this?

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