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Light-bulbPlease be careful not to get scammed!

by Amy Wong - Jan 07, 2013 Star_s9,069 views

I just had to delete bunch of posts and comments that was advertising a site to paste a certain comment on fan pages and forums to get Free Cash :( I also muted those people for a certain time so they cannot spam for a while. If you were one of them, please contact us and so we can unmute you.

If you ever see a site that makes you paste a comment to other sites, they are 100% of the time SCAMS which makes you a SPAMMER.They all have the same format, they make you "share" some random site, and then "like" some random sites, and finally makes you paste their links to other sites.

Please be careful not to get tricked!


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12-em-plus add reply

siti it does me that way at times try waiting 6 hours after u get that statement then try again it may work!


im sorry, can anyone tell me why i cant get the super parts?? it keep saying "Sorry! You've reached the limit for this resource!" but i dont have any single of super part..

does anyone can help me or any solution for it?? im confused..


Hello, I play Chefville game on facebook, and I need to finish the "OYSTER DIPPING SAUCE STATION". I have to ask for 5 Porcelain Ramekins, to 5 friends but the button is blank, don't let me open my list to ask. Can someone help me or know how can I get this ramekins in order to finish the station. That's all I need to finish it!!! Thank you very much!!!


Well I'm glad to see all of you guys comment before I do anything this was recommend by a friend that play the game..... don't think I'll be doing much of nothing on this sites.....


As always, don't click around like a stupid chicken picking corn... READ! NOBODY gives you free cash for just clicking a few times, even most surveys are scams or pay out months later. If you really need cash in a game, take your credit card and get it, that is the safest way. If you don't want to pay for a game, have patience and keep on playing.


Thank you for that, now I know.
I was one of them doing that but didn't get what I was suppose to get so I stopped doing it.


would agree, they need get a life, this is real world, it not easy =/


Well when you know better you do better. I am one of those who fell for it. I am fairly new to this thing and did get caught up. I know better now. lol


guess some actually believe that stuff


why do people fall 4 these ads time and time again,


Why??? I can not believe people fall for this. I am sorry I do not get it.
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