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Question-whiteWhat is a Yogurt Creamary and where do i get one from...?

by Mihaela Oana Popa - Jan 08, 2013 Star_s5,632 views

Hi, just logged into the game and went to craft some stuff in the kitchen, and a new set of recepies got unlocked. Strawbery yogurt and some connected stuff to it. When i hover over the yogurt, it tells me its harvested from the Yogurt Creamery...did anyone else see this? or know what is all about?

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Indeed Robyn, would be a great way to store the cows, or at least make a prized cow shed or something! Now with so many cows on my farm, my milk grows and i never have enough energy to make it into stuff lol


you can find the yoghurt creamery in your inventory under buildings i believe :)


I find it amusing that everyone is "planting strawberries" in anticipation. If this follows form for zynga... part of the quest to get the darn thing will be to "plant x number of strawberries". Not that you cannot always use more strawberries. But if you actually want to get a jump on the quest... I would suggest requesting farmhands (to harvest the strawberries you will need to plant), sending wood planks to friends (these are always a staple of new buildings), gathering milk and planting wheat (for the pie crusts... and hey, you can NEVER have too much flour!), and asking for sugar. JMO...your millage may vary. But this would make more sense.

I would like to say (not that this is zynga... or that the developers seem to care), that letting us put prized dairy (especially goats!) in that creamery would make it worth the space it may take up. Having them not count toward the animal count would make me REALLY excited. Just saying.


Guess I'll plant a load of strawberries now so they are ready to harvest when the creamery gets here


I saw that to and I don't understand why they have a new recipe available if they dont have the creamery or place to make it available yet


so wait, there will be a reason to plant strawberries?


I cant keep enough milk as it is.


Thanks Gerardo, much appreciated....they are teasing us!!! :)

Picture?type=square "The new Yogurt Creamery feature will be live soon, so please stay tuned when we turn the soil."


I saw that too for the first time today and have no idea where or how to get a yogurt creamery. I guess more info will come.

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