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4 Level 23 1728 people
5 Level 70 1580 people

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Level Check! We have tips up to level 723! Is there an even higher level? Awesome! What's the highest level? Should be higher than level 723!


by Maureen Tara Regan - Jan 08, 2013 Star_s45,479 views

How the heck do you get tickets??? I have asked my friends..they claim they send them to me but whre are they??? I have looked all over!!! Hate this game!!!!

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12-em-plus add reply

how can i get tickets for level 21


In order for you to get a ticket on stage 36, you have to ask help from your friends, of wich they have to play the game also kkkkkkk after they ran out of chances to play they are asked to sent you a ticket just by pressing accept


need help for stage 36


I seem to have to get like 10 responds to gain the 3 tickets needed, the rest are vanished or cashed or something like that. 


Ok....so i have done this repeatedly and i had a popup saying friends responded...i accepted them...but nothing happened. I did it again and now no popups i just get lives. Can anyone help me?


Click level you are wanting to play. Pop up window says you need tickets to ask friends. This sends you to friends on FB. Click on their names or add names. You need 3 tickets total. It doesn't cost friends anything to send you a ticket, same as it doesn't cost you anything to send friends a life.


They go into your inbox which should appear as a pop up when you start the game if I remember rightly or they may just get allocated to the unlock section o the board


I am having the same issue!!

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