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Light-bulbMy tips for earning loyalty points!

by Stephen Surrey - Jan 10, 2013 Star_s43,316 views

I have played multiple ways in all the games and this is what I have came up with. Every game is the same. If you bet 2 on all lines (30 line game) it takes 18 spins to fill up your loyalty bonus meter at the bottom. Betting 5 takes 10 spins, betting 10 takes 7 spins, betting 20 takes 6 spins, and betting 50 takes 5 spins to fill up the same bonus. Now, some simple math:

2 per line: 2*30*18=1080

5 per line: 5*30*10=1500

10 per line: 10*30*7=2100

20 per line: 20*30*6=3600

50 per line: 50*30*5=7500

The loyalty bonus you earn is equal no matter how much you bet per line. I am level 24 and my loyalty bonus every time I fill up the meter is 10 Points. Therefore if I bet:

2 per line: 1080/10=108 chips per loyalty point

5 per line: 1500/10=150 chips per loyalty point

10 per line: 2100/10=210 chips per loyalty point

20 per line: 360 chips

50 per line: 750 chips

Betting 2 per line is clearly the most efficient way to build loyalty points. In fact there is a penalty for betting more.

A tip for earning more chips would be to bet the minimum until you are close to filling up your bonus game activaters (climbing the tower in Excalibur, Cracking the code in Jewels Verne, Hailing taxis in NYNY, and the same for Studio City). Then when you get within one of filling it up, change your bet to a higher one until you achieve the bonus game. The rewards in the bonuses are much higher the more you bet per game!

Hope this helps!

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If you are using the mobil app, another trick in the Journeys is to play any of the challenges except "Earn xxx Loyalty Points" until loyalty meter is just about to pay out. Then tap journey button, skip back over to the "earn" objective, then spin 5-10 times to bust the meter. This gives you the meter loyalty and objective loyalty for minimum amoint of time and coins spent.


How do you add people? How do you send/receive coins?


I have been focussing my betting during quests and puzzles. I save up a couple million chips and then bet Excalibur at 3000 per spin until I have completed the bonus. The lower rate of return is offset by the puzzle completion bonus which returns somewhere around 1/3 to 1/2 of the chips expended to get the bonus. Usually leaves me short of achieving the next building V's, when I have time I play minimum bet spinss until the next building is ready to go, in order to begin the cash flow. I made mistakes on MGM which has a 8 hour turnaround. For any Casino with a reset time that divides evenly into 24 hours, you need to ensure you start the clock at a convenient time so that you don't make it possible to for a cycle to occur without taking your chips. Clock starts with the last V.


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to the people who are taking way longer to get the loyalty points you are probably playing on your phone. you can play on both and your points will combine but they are two different games. so the fastest way for me is to use my laptop and phone at the same time.


Not sure what game you're playing, but I have been playing Excalibur 2 for the past several hours betting 20 times all 30 lines [600 total] and it is taking me 21 spins (every time) to fill up my loyalty bonus meter at the bottom. I wonder if its because i am on a higher lever?


Blackjack gets you the most coins but you don't get as many loyalty points.

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After you reach level 58, it's okay to play blackjack so you don't lose as many chips but the progression to each level is pretty slow.

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You should be doing min bet at Excalibur, then at LvL 24 doing min bets at Birds. That's according to the math.

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This may be true, but for the time that it would take to spin at a 2 would make it not worth it. For me the fastest way I've found to get loyalty points is to level up. When you're a higher level, it would take literally days to level up even one time by betting 2 per line. Betting low does work well when building your casinos though because you get V's when you bet both high and low so bet low to get those casinos built!


I bet 1000 per spin on Lucky Birds after Level 58. It takes 6 spins to gain 10 LP. I also use to review the rewards.


i dont know about all the math... all i know is that i am level 33 and if i bet 2 (60) it will take me 44 spins to fill my loyalty meter.. so maybe you can elaborate on this information.. thanks!

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