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Question-whiteHow to give a life to Facebook friends.

by Tracey Fernley Pearson - Jan 11, 2013 Star_s126,810 views

Hi all,

can you tell me how I send a life to my fellow Facebook players pls?

i can see how to do this with the 5 top names shown. But can't see how I give to someone who is not in the top 5 shown. Consequently I have been getting him to ask me for a life. But there must be any easyer way Surely?



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12-em-plus add reply

A small addition to Melinda's advise would be that it is specifically for the mobile version of the game. 


Don't accept the life from your friend until you have less than 5 lives. You can accept them whenever you want and one at a time. I wait until I run out of lives and then accept.


Thanks for the info. Does anyone know how to retain the lives sent by friends if you open the game and already have the full number of lives? Whether I click accept or not, there seems to be no way to accept and get credit for the lives.


if you go on the map where it shows you where every one is , click on them and send lives to all who,s names come up,,repeat on any others , you can only do this with all the people who is behind you in the game


i always wait for them to ask for lives.. and the King's FAQ doesn't give another answer! :/


you do it via facebook.


Did you ever get the answer to this? I am having the same problem.

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