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Question-whiteExotic Egg Collection

by Priscilla Luevano - Jan 14, 2013 Star_s280 views

Why am I not receiving blue very ra exotic egg? I've only received one blue egg since I've had the hen house and I'm on level 25! Please help!

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12-em-plus add reply

Here is a suggestion for you - which as Alan stated is about all we can give.
Build a small pen, place your hen house in it - and adult chickens and don't feed them
I had a hen house in my small pen, I kept 3 white chickens in it, and then had another pen on the other side of my farm where I kept my chickens that I fed.
As they would give me the notice that they were about to prize I would move them to my hen house pen.
This allowed SEVERAL adult chickens on my farm at once, without prizing, and as long as I did not feed them or let my helpers feed them - I was good.


There is nothing we can help you with. The Ultra Rare Exotic Egg is called Ultra Rare for a reason: it can take bloody forever to get it. The more Adult Chickens you have on your farm, the better chance you'll have to getting some type of Exotic Egg. But other than that, it's simply a matter of patience.

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