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Light-bulbPlaytime Missions and Animal Hospital upgrade

by Barbara D'Angelo - Jan 15, 2013 Star_s1,745 views

This set of missions is a little different from the usual, and there is no build. The missions will be released over 3 days, and will come in 4 different threads all dealing with a different Playtime.

Mondays Release is Play Settler, the kids will set up a Fort of their own, and Play Cowboy, the kids will take after Bess and learn to ride horses and herd cattle.

Tuesday will be Play Mariner, the kids will have great adventures on the seven seas chasing sharks and captaining their own ships

Wednesdays offering will be Play Miner, after hearing Jasper's tales of his mining in Prospect Falls the kids are ready to find go mining for precious stuff of their own.

Also on Wednesday will be Make Believe Play, Fanny is so proud of the childrens playtime talents she is getting them to put on a play, we are in charge of custumes! This final mission will allow us to upgrade our Animal Hospital for 250 more spaces.

Also we will be able to store more types of animals so far these include: Raccoon. Pilgrim Turkey, Pregnant Bunny, Bartender Alpaca, Fennec Fox, Skating Ducks, Skating Baby Polar, Yosemite Bobcat and Yosemite Mink.

Each mission will give you an item to place on your homestead and tend to get the drops for the Wrapper mission, they are Leaf Fort, Stick Horse Stable,Schooner Playground,and Sluice. 


Play Settler Missions released on Monday

Part I Imagine When

Harvest 30 Apple Trees
Harvest 40 Eggplant
Craft 3 Boom Sticks

Rewards: 500 gold, 5 Red Cabbage, 500XP

Crafting: Each Boom Stick requires 2 Leather Wraps, drops from Skulls and 4 Skinny Branches, wall post

Part II Puttin' Up Walls

Clear 15 Cacti or Thorns
Harvest 15 Red Cabbage
Craft 5 Trail Outposts

Rewards:1,000 coins, Loyal Pioneer, 1,000XP

Crafting: Each Trail Outpost requires 3 Leaf Heaps, drops from fully grown oak and 4 Short Flagpoles, direct request

Part III Tower Defense

Sell 10 Adult Chickens
Scare 4 Bears
Craft 6 Leaf Forts

Rewards: 1,500XP, Wilderness Crate, Leaf Fort

Crafting: Each Fort requires 6 Leaf Heaps, drops from Fully Grown Oaks, 8 Short Flagpoles, direct request and 8 Lookout Towers Wall Post

Play Cowboy Missions released Monday

Part I Cowboy Dreams

Tend 20 Adult Standard Goats
Harvest 40 Soybeans
Hogtie 4 Piglets

Rewards: 500 Gold, Long Horned Bull, 500XP

Crafting: Each Piglet requires 4 Piglets, drops from Adult Pigs and 4 Thin Rope direct request.

Part II Wranglin' Ride

Tend 30 Adult Cows
Clobber 5 Snakes
Craft 6 Stick Horses

Rewards: 2 Horses, Tough Hand Tonic, 1,000XP

Crafting: Each Horse requires 4 Hay Sack Heads, drops from harvesting Flax and 4 Mop Handles, wall post.

Part III Keepin' Stable

Harvest 50 Sugar Canes
Tend 40 Adult Standard Oxen
Craft 8 Stick Horse Stables

Rewards: Ranch Mystery Crate, Stick Horse Stable, 1,500XP

Crafting: Each Stable requires 8 Hay Sack Heads, drops from harvesting Flax, 8 Mop Handles, wall post and 8 Hitching Fences, direct request.

Play Mariner Missions released Tuesday

Part I The High Seas

Tend 15 Adult Ducks
Harvest 20 Lemon Trees
Craft 4 Shark Pups

Rewards:500 Gold, 5 Bamboo, 500XP

Crafting: Each Shark Pup requires 3 Bark Fins, drop from Fully Grown Pine and 6 Active Puppies, wall post.

Part II Shark Chaser

Harvest 40 Wheat
Harvest 25 Bamboo
Craft 6 Grounded Skiffs

Rewards: 1 Fully Grown Willow, Granny Gut Punch, 1,000XP

Crafting: Each Skiff requires 3 Baseboards, drop from Imported Tangerine Trees and 6 Sturdy Oars, direct request.

Part III Seaworthy

Chop Willow Trees 25 Times
Harvest 30 Red Cabbage
Craft 8 Schooner Playgrounds

Rewards:1 Fully Grown Willow, Schooner Playground, 1,500XP

Crafting: Each Playground requires 6 Baseboards, drop from Imported Tangerine Trees, 12 Sturdy Oars,direct request and 7 Silk Sails, wall post

Play Miner Missions released Wednesday

Part I Claim Yer Land

Clear 10 Rocks
Tend 30 Adult Chickens
Craft 5 Mineral Claims

Rewards: 500XP, 500 coins, Soot Sheep

Crafting: Each Mineral Claim requires 6 Red Candle Wax, drop from harvesting Boysenberries and 4 Official Papers, direct request

Part II Pannin'

Tend 30 Adult Silver Sheep-this may be a Zynga type we get a soot sheep
Harvest 40 Tomatoes
Craft 6 Panning Supplies

Rewards:1,000XP, 3 Maple Trees, 3 Fast Hands Boosts

Crafting: Each Supply requires 3 Mini Mining Pans, drop from Sieve Stations and 4 Rusty Buckets, wall post

Part III Rock Filter

Tend 80 Cherry Trees
Harvest 50 Corn
Craft 10 Makeshift Sluices

Rewards: 1,500XP, Crazy Cake, Sluice

Crafting: Each Sluice requires 6 Mini Mining Pans drops from Sieve Stations, 8 Rusty Buckets, wall post, and 8 Washboard direct request.

Wrapper Mission

The World Is A Stage

Craft 3 Settler Costumes
Craft 3 Cowboy Costumes
Craft 3 Captain Costumes

Rewards:10 Horseshoes, Animal Hospital Upgrade(250 more slots!), 3,000XP


Each Settler Costume requires 1 Settler Bonnet drops from Leaf Fort and 4 Plain Clothes, wall post.

Each Cowboy Costume requires 1 Deputy Badge drops from Stick Horse Stable and 6 Plain Clothes, wall post

Each Captain Costume requires 1 Mariner's Scope, drops from Schooner Playground, 8 Plain Clothes, wall post and 1 Pyrite Jewellery, drops from Sluice.



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