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Question-whitecannot access Pet Rescue Saga

by Anna Norén - Jan 16, 2013 Star_s4,873 views

Since last night I can't access the game :(

My husband can, why can't I?

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This just happened to me -- I was playing the game and then lost the connection. Now cannot access pet rescue or candy crush :( What gives????


Pétala Rattes I am not surpriced to hear that you can access from one place, but not from another. I have done everything I can think of including clearing cache and cookies, uninstalling and reinstalling in several different orders, buit I can not load the game on any of the several PC's I have access to. 

I have tested Pet Rescue Saga on my mobile devices as well, but not since the white screen failure started. Today I tested Pet Rescue saga both on my Android and at the loaned iPad I can use. Guess what?!!! The game loaded and was perfectly playable on both devices, I couldn't believe it! Everyone else is whining that they would like to play at their mobile devices and I am whining because I can play ONLY at mobile devices, haha. 


Hi. I'm having the same problem. But the weird thing is that I can't acess from my notebook, but on the pc at work I can. I think it is some tipe of problem with flash player or java. But all the other games load. Pet rescue is the only one I can't access (and it's the only one I was enjoying playing =/ )


I have no idea! We are many peolpe experiencing this problem at the moment. One of my ideas is that the game have gone so poplular that the servers are overloading. 

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