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Light-bulbWhy does clicking snag bar "Preferences" open in current tab in Chrome?

by Brian Wellman - Jan 17, 2013 Star_s90 views

I guess this is a suggestion phrased as a question:

Why don't clicking on Preferences or Start from the GU Snag Bar icon/menu button behave the same way and open in a NEW tab?

I use the GU Snag Bar for Chrome. Clicking on "Preferences" on the snag bar icon/menu opens the "Chrome Toolbar Preferences" tab on the GU Snag Bar page in the CURRENT tab of my Chrome browser window.

Whereas, clicking on "Start" to start snagging items opens the "Snagged Items" tab on the GU Snag Bar page in a NEW tab of my Chrome browser window.

I would ask that clicking "Prefences" would open in a new tab, rather than the current tab.



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