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Light-bulbAdd "Start" & "Stop" buttons to Snagged Items & Chrome Toolbar Preferences pages

by Brian Wellman - Jan 17, 2013 Star_s53 views

I use the GU Snag Bar for Google Chrome.

I wish the two tabs Snagged Items and Google Toolbar Preferences could have Start and Stop buttons on them, especially the Preferences tab. Once I'm done setting my preferences, I'd like just to click the start button on the preferences page and perhaps be automatically switched to the snagged items page.

I think it feels clumsy right now to open the preferences page and change my preferences, then go back up to the browser tool bar and click the GU icon to open the menu and select the start button...which then opens a new tab.

On a separate note...I don't know if this is a glitch or known issue. I find that when I want to make a change to my auto-comment, in order to ensure that my new text is saved, I have to click on the Snagged Items tab, wait for it to load, then click back on the Chrome Toolbar Preferences tab (all within the same browser tab). If I fail to do this, my old text, or the GU supplied text is used.



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