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Question-whiteHow do i get the dog and the cat and the boat thingy ????????????

by Aida Fierake - Jan 17, 2013 Star_s3,765 views

The dog and the cat you need some sort of certificate to buy im not sure how to get them and how do i get 16000 in coins to fix the dock for the boat i see ppl that are lower than my level and have so many more things that i do how do ppl get all those diamons and coins ??????????

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12-em-plus add reply

To get the boat to dock on your dock you have to prepare the dock. It does take 16,000 coins to prepare the dock and a few hours. I just tried not to spend any coins until I got my dock fixed up. It takes time so try to be patient. As far as the coins as long as you fill your orders, place things for sale in your shop and sell to your neighbors you can pick up a lot of coins easily, but the diamonds are the hard ones. Again you can either be patient or purchase a small sack of diamonds. Hope this helps!

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