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Question-whitegarlic stand in ChefVille

by Mandy Wilke Schultz - Jan 18, 2013 Star_s198 views

ok, so i am kind of new to ChefVille and not a lot of my friends on facebook play. and somehow i missed the garlic stand! :( can someone tell me how to get one...the only reason i realized i don't have one is becuase i got a challange to upgrade mine and i don't have one.

thanks for any help!!

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12-em-plus add reply

I'm assuming the land your referring to is the Farmer's Market one / Garlic etc.
I am yet to figure out how to open this area myself. Everytime I click on one of the challenges ( upgrade garlic stall) it takes me to that area which I have not unlocked and is associated to "Universal Appreciation" Quest. What ever they are ...


ok thanks Taneighya!


You have to unlock the expansion with the lettuce stand and there are 3 wrapped boxes. I do believe one is the garlic tent.


do you know which land expansion it is Ade? i am up to level 19 and i feel like i should have gotten that by now...especially if i got a quest to upgrade it. i have a fear that i may have "sold it" by accident or something.


No, Nana is wrong. You have to unlock a land expansion to get it. You'll get the goal soon.


it should either be on the "kitchen" or "supplies" category of your storage or the marketplace... i don't remember if they give it to you or if you have to buy it.

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