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Light-bulbTimed Quest: Winter is Coming (1 mission)

by Alan Attebery - Jan 18, 2013 Star_s2,548 views


Snow has returned to FarmVille 2, thanks to the Winter Fell quest.

There is only 1 mission in this quest and IT IS A TIMED one. However, there is no specific end date for it as of yet. Since the purpose of this mission is to make it snow on your farm, and since the Winter Is Coming quest lasted for a few weeks, it is reasonable to assume you will have until sometime in late February to complete the quest.

To access this mission, click on the Thermometer post located at the front of your farm immediately behind your hay bales.

When you have completed this mission, it will begin snowing on your farm. The snow will cover the ground and will last for 96 hours (after it begins to snow, hover your mouse over the Thermometer post to see how much time is left). When you have about 36 hours left, you will be able to repeat this quest.

See below for requirements and rewards for the Winter Fell quest.


Winter Fell: 1 of 1 - Snow Time Like the Present
Snow Time Like the Present

Rewards: 6 XP & 400 Coins & Snow falling on your farm

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12-em-plus add reply

My mission indicated the snow would be around for 28 days


can't get the fine rabbit wool...any suggestions???


Not sure if mission is available for 28 days perhaps... but my snow only lasted 4 days.

During that time though... I am LOVING this! The kale is double harvest and is great if, like me, you have (had! LOL) 500+ goat cheese laying about in inventory. I like the prized red goats for the xp... but that cheese sure was piling up since I use milk for other things as well!

Then they added the goji berries that also give double harvests and take only 4 hours. This is wicked sweet! I also had lemons piling up in inventory and even some lemon water (when I had water to spare waiting for those kale... this is what I did with it). Goji berry lemonade has a really nice payout... and with all those extra lemons and double harvests on the berries... it is adding up fast! (Good thing... as I am at level 26 and need $1,700,000 for those back-to-back expansions!)

The sheep need to be fed for the wool anyway, as all the workshop crap takes a TON of wool. Any glass you get and do not end up using for the charms can be made into mirrors for the looking glasses which have the highest payout so far of anything you can produce in FV2 I think.

Seriously... doing this one is totally worth it... especially if you are not into hacking or cheating the system to play!


this mission hasn't popped up for me yet...


Once you get the snow, it only lasts for four days. Within the last 24 hours before it ends, you can do the mission over again to extend it for another four days, and so on.... until the mission expires. I extended the snow on my farm today. Also, I haven't noticed any increases to harvests. I think it's just snow on the farm.


@Annabelle Brown - Not exactly. We did have another quest that gave us snow when completed, but it went by a different name and it had different requirements.


Isn't this the 2nd time around for this quest though?


@Sofia Nilsen - While there is no specific reward, the snow is suppose to give limited-time crops, animals, and trees the ability to produce more when harvested.


Is there any reward, or just a farm with snow?

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