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Light-bulbFarmville 2 hack using cheat engine 6.2 Buy Anything with Coins (Including Farm Bucks Items)

by Riyan Sanjaya D'scorriesmiors - Jan 18, 2013 Star_s156,509 views

<a>Buy Anything with Coins (Including Farm Bucks Items)</a>

1. Open Cheat Engine, in the Value Type chose Array of Byte. First scan 40 42 0F 00 40 42 0F 00 00 00 00 00 , select all the addresses and using red arrow drop them down select all and right click on those highlighted addresses and from menu change record type and change length to 16 you will see 4 new bytes added to the string: 40 42 0F 00 40 42 0F 00 00 00 00 00 XX XX XX XX (where XX is your own result)

2. Now make new scan 36 00 00 00 36 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 and repeat the same operation you made in the point 1
and you will get 36 00 00 00 36 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 YY YY YY YY (if you get many results all different, select 3 or 4 the same)

3 Now take 4 bytes YY YY YY YY you got in the point 2 and make a new scan of them
and change the value of your YY YY YY YY to XX XX XX XX

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I found this working Farmville 2
that give me a unlimited coins.


Sadly cheat engine doesn't work anymolre, I have tested a few times but it is like 90% miss, instead, I use this one, everything is online, and you don't have to download anything at all :D. nice isn't it?

Photo - Download Farmville 2 Hack here for free without surveys!


Tested and can confirm that is legit :D.


@Regina, thanks Regina, this one work perfectly.


@Thelma Well indeed, they have patched it and this doesn't work anymore. Try this instead: Don't be too greedy mate :D.


Cheat engines gave me crashes a few times and it doesn't seem to work anymore. Properly because I did something wrong.



I found this working Farmville 2 that give me a unlimited coins.


contact , if ur real about hacks, stuff like fertilizer hack money hack instant growth hack etc..


Luz Kessler's explanation doesnt work. Farmville gives a crash the second you try and change the values to farm bucks and back to coins. Every. Time.


I could never get this to work, I always use the instructions on the feed;

I get everything I need from that process; water, fertilizer, speedgrow, etc


Okay, I have pretty much figured this out on Cheat Engine. If you have anything earlier to version 6.4, discard it (uninstall it or whatever) and get 6.4. The instructions as shown on this video on YouTube work fantastically well, and it works with pretty much everything.

The few that are -1 FB, don't bother with. You can get as many bottles as you want from the largest pack to the smallest pack (a limit of 100, which I have), and raise all the baby animals you need.

I have a ton of limited edition animals, because they're free.

To get Cheat Engine 6.4, go to

I should mention, I run Google Chrome and have not had the coins issue at all--my coins don't disappear or anything similar.

Okay, I'm going to tell you, step by step, how I do this on Google Chrome. I don't have issues.
Get Cheat Engine 6.4
Open Farmville. Open the Marketplace. I prefer to open the animals--a lot of limited ones right there where the star is, so that's what I do.

Once you have that set... Open another tab in the same page you're playing Farmville. Type: chrome://memory-internals.

This will bring up what you're running tab wise on the page (or several pages you may have open).

It has a number to the left of it. It may be four or five digits in length.

Open the Calculator. Change it to the Programmer mode. Once you have that, go back to the memory internals page on chrome; Look for the PID (that four or five digit number) and plug it in while the programmer calculator is on DEC mode. Write it in. Immediately, click HEX on the calculator. For example, the PID for my Pepper-Plugin (Shockwave Flash) right now is 10220. Converted to HEX it turns into 27EC.

This is the number you're going to look for when you do a search on CheatEngine. Click on the computer (which should now be green tinged all around it) and look for that 27EC process (or whatever applies to you). You'll notice that once you choose it, it's the window all CheatEngine processes will check for).

Now, go ahead and change the value type to string. This will have changed the immediate box above the string one to text.

Go up to the Text Box: type coins and click on First Scan button.

You'll see you have a lot of processes that say coins to the left. Click the first one, press ctrl-A to select them all, then press the red arrow to copy them all to the bottom box.

Select them all again down below once pasted. Right click the any of those. Click on Change Value. Write "Farm bucks"

Notice all will change to farm bucks.

Go back to the right click. Once again, go to Change Value. Type Coins.

Now go back to Farmville. Close the Marketplace. Reopen it. Now you should have all sorts of items that read "Free!"

Don't bother with the ones that say -1... You really don't need those. Get 100 packs of every bottle pack you can get (that's the max) and get all the free animals you can get. Voila.


i have 6.2 does this still work?


We need an updated version of this recipe for Cheat Engine 6.4


I used CheatEngine6.4 for the first time today. I was able to follow instructions from YouTube video to get baby bottles and pruning shears for free... however, when I returned to my farm, the 1+ million coins I had became 5 coins. Not so sure this was an advantage and won't use it again until someone tells me how to avoid this or reverse it.


HI, I have cheat engine 6.4
Can someone help me with some cheats?


Is anyonej able to find a game trainer for farmville2 I can run on my mack running maverick? I know there has to be a port out there somewhere..


doesnt work anymore


not working, i tried alot but no use :(

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