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Question-whiteFull Screen is not working

by SP Kasturi - Jan 19, 2013 Star_s1,687 views

Can anybody tell what is the reason for not working in full screen mode. I got latest adobe flast player also. Is this from farmville? or any adjustments to be made in my system

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Photo enable hardware accelartion through adobe not your browser and it will fix it


I just play it on Firefox instead of Chrome, it works fine there.


It is pepperflash in chrome. Google it, it's kind of complicated if you don't know Chrome well.


SI usais Crome se debe a un problema de Flaxplayer , pues estan habilitados los 2 . Deben de entrar en chrome:plugins y veran que tienen 2 habilitados , deben de quitar el que usa CROME y dejar el FLAXPLAYER HABILITADO . yA VERAN QUE LA OPCION DE PANTALA COMPLETA VUELVE A SALIR EN FM2. Espero les haya sido de ayuda , Un saludo amigos


On my machine (and I will call it that) worse than a car! I am unable to use the Adobe download. I use Chrome. I went into my settings under each one and enabled/disabled one by one...first the Pepperflash that came and that put my 3D back in play as well as the button for full screen... yes I get the shockwave player has quit... do you want it to stop notice... I just say NO then wait a few seconds and continue. I think the Adobe download is not playing as well on mine as what I have done...I found the Pepperflash was the cause.


Has anyone figured out the full screen button yet? I tried the right click on youtube video fix that someone posted but didn't get a settings option.


Someone posted earlier on the FV forums that you could not do full screen on Firefox .. I don't have that problem, so not sure why they were.
Someone also stated a few weeks back that certain Adobe Flash versions prevents that.

With the zooming out, sounds like maybe you were trying to get into the kitchen or coop and it got stuck - a simple reload should work for you.


I wish I knew, I can't even get mine to zoom out.

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