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Light-bulbExpansions Hack (free expansions)

by Alejandro Retana - Jan 19, 2013 Star_s6,382 views

To do this you need to have at least 1 Empire Point on your game account,it can be done using either Cheat Engine or Charles Proxy but I will use Charles on this example just because I feel more comfortable using it


-1 Empire Point
-Charles Proxy,download: http://www.charlesproxy.com/

step 1. Run Charles Proxy,and set a breakpoint at game startup on the 'flashservices' folder under 'fb-client-zc.empire.zyngadotcom'

step 2. Find the response with the 'data' and 'metadata' folders and navigate to data/userInfo/player:

step 3. Edit the Cash amount number,from 10 to 999999999:

step 4. Disable the breakpoints and click on 'execute'

step 5. Click on the barracks I and start a contract to build cadet soldiers

step 6. Click on the barracks again and click on the 'finish for 1 EP' button

step 7. Open the Expansions tab,click on the 'build' button,and click on 'buy all requirements for n EP':

step 8. Place your expansion,go to the Expansions tab again and repeat the process,once you're done refresh the game and that's all

Video here: Expansion hack

Cheat Engine:

1. Open the Process your web browser is using,chrome.exe or plugin-container.exe
2. Change 'value type' from '4 bytes' to 'double'
3. Scan for your EP amount number (let's say 15)
4. Start a contract to build 'cadet soldiers'
5. Click on the barracks,and click on 'finish for 1 EP'
6. Type in your current EP number (if you had 15,it should be 14) and click on 'next scan'
7. Move the results to the bottom and change your EP number to 999999999
8. Click on the Expansion tab,click build,click 'buy all requirements for n EP'
9. Place your expansion and repeat,when you're done,refresh the game

Video here: Expansion hack (cheat engine)

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12-em-plus add reply

can you teach me how it is ?


it work hammad sajjad..dont worry if u no EP its still working


i have no EP...it work for me or not plz tell me...


cannot breakpoint..why??help me...


@Janiz Dee, you are welcome




@Jackie Wilkerson, go to your facebook account,click on 'account settings',move to 'security settings' and disable the option 'secure browsing', this will disable the https protocol and you will be able to see the folders

when you finish using Charles Proxy,enable the 'secure browsing' again


this not work


I downloaded the Charles Proxy, and was able to locate the folder labeled fb-client-zc.empire.zynga.com. When I open the file all entries within are labeled <default> and they cannot be expanded. So, I have been unable to even get to the point where I would set a breakpoint . . . HELP! ! ! !


@ Rocker :
I don't use CE. Just use Charles.. My additional tips are:
1. Change EP to Zero
2. Change Coins to Zero (too much coins will not make this tips working)
To changes coins go to : data/userInfo/world..
3. Release the breakpoint and execute.. let the game load to your empire completely
4. Do some expansion, buy all requirements.. if you finish, reload the game..
5. Your coins will return normal, and so your EP.. but you have your empire expanded.


Using cheat engine its saying server error and need to refresh..!! is it patched??


If we couldn't find "buy all requirements..", the tricks didn't work (on me)..
unless.. low level still can do this without "buying cadet" steps..
but the risk in playing with EP is risky..

Use Charles and change the EP to 999999 - execute it and buy the land.. (buy all requirements) and reload.. you will sacrifice your coin.

don't be greedy.. do it 10 expansion per day.. too much expansion will causes "attempting to connect the servers.."


@Sankalp G Gulati, I just checked again and the hack still works,
also, doing hacks implies you are doing them at your own risk

@Zohel Khan, make sure you too have a low number of coins in your account


always says please refresh! u wasted my 2 EP's!!


@Alejandro Retana
pleas help
i did all the steps u said in the video and referred to what u wrote
everything is working fine until i press the buy all for EP
an error comes each time saying that attempting to connect to the server.
and i have to reload and all i have left is 6 EP (i tried it many times)
and also...i always try it on a fake id . i have only 3 EP left on my real id .
i would not want to get in any trouble for hacking as i am already blocked by zynga


@William Walker, you can't hack coins (or oil,wood,ores) using cheat engine,at least not anymore

@Todd Brietzke, no idea...it could be a connection error,or maybe you missed some step


i am on cheat engine 6.2 did everything it told me to do expansion hack..got it to work twice.but when doing it the game says attempting to connect to the server. report bug then refresh and resets me.is there anything i can do to make it work for real?


I am using charles 3.7 to get coins, and it works fine. Problem is that I can't buy items from other players, or use my coins to buy items or upgrade them without refreshing. Am I doing something wrong? How are players getting large amounts of coins and keeping them?


@Bidadari Dari Surga, changing your amount of coins using cheat engine is complicated (you cando it using a '4 bytes' value,or a 'binary' value),it is easier if you use charles

still,if you wanna do it: value '4 bytes' ...type your coins number,'first scan'...collect coins from a house...type again the new coins number,click 'next scan',move the result to the bottom,change it to a lesser number (100),collect again from a house and that's all


@Alejandro Retana, I can't make them (the coins) drop with CE. How'd you do that?

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