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Question-whiteplease help about coins and back of farm

by Tina Lynn - Jan 23, 2013 Star_s332 views

I am on lv 35 and when i get to 2000000 i can not sell or do anything with my goods i have to buy something in order to do anything.. i cant get the back of the farm because it cosr money .. i wish you could buy it with coins to get rid of .. how can i resove these issues?

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12-em-plus add reply

once you do get below the 2 million mark, dont sell any of your products. I just make items and keep them in my market. only sell them when I need to for quests or the grocer, or if I need money to buy something.


I talked with tech support and they told me their is no way to go past 2 mili coins . They said people were having a hard time leveling up and for me to buy trees and havrvest for xp and then sell them> In other words buy high and sell cheep to decrease your money. Asked when the back land would be ready for coin expansion. I was told it would be put to the develpment team]

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