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Question-white energy and stars

by Carina Clough - Jan 23, 2013 Star_s68,916 views

why is it taking all my energy to get one star in criminal case

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12-em-plus add reply

Help .I used this link n got stuck at verify ur account ....doesn't seem to work can some1 do it for me n give me a feedback plllls account name is Evrard


Maybe you can just change the date on your phone when your energy is over. That is increase the date by a day or you can even increase the time by 4 hours which would mean your energy level is back to being full and can play continuously. This can be done for reports and analysis as well


Hi. I am playing the criminal case hacked version. I finished all the cases in grinsborough and i tried to start elite mode but i cannot. Cos of the infinite stars i cant open the elite mode and i deleted the hacked app and downloaded the normal vetsion. But i am playing it on facebook and the stars stayed in the same amount. I tried to exchange the stars with hamburgers but it takes hours. And i have to do it for each case. Please help, is there any method to play elite mode on hacked version? Thank you.


I can't use it
Can anyone help me?


Energy is the least worrying issue with criminal case, try this to get infinite energy:


Its very simple to gain energy just change ur date nd time in ur mobile... The energy bar will be filled and it also applicable for forensic activities


I have only had this game for like two hrs, and I'm already sick of how long it takes to get stars. It's soooo annoying. I totally agree with all of you ✌️


oh but that is the fun of it all


I am now on case 6 and i am actually starting to get bored and tired of the whole game. Why?
Too difficult to get stars. You pay 20 for each game and get only a few % filled on a star.... I take forever and you play and play and play the same sene over and over again....... And when you have solved the case, and the investigation after the case----- YOU NEED EVEN MORE STARS TO MOVE ON......
And this is why i consider dropping the whole game.....


Click on this link:

Go there and click on the red "GAME FEED LINK," and it will bring up ALL of the Criminal Case stuff that was posted for Criminal Case - so you can get extra energy! You're limited to 3 orange juice and 1 potato chip a day, but that's a full energy bar! Yea!! -- Brenda


i completely agree with u... thats one reason that ive slowed down on it.... im constantly playing my other games bc they move along quite well but this game takes forever to move along in. wish they would make it at least alittle easier to fill up stars.


I have that very same question. It takes alot of energy just to fill one star and one star doesn't go far until you have to burn another boat load of energy to get another star. I love the game, but it does get frustrating on how slowly it moves along because you're constantly waiting for your energy to resupply so you can try to fill up more stars.

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