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Light-bulbThe Candy Shop

by Tonya Collins - Jan 24, 2013 Star_s1,349 views


Bart and Bert have decided to build a storefront for thier candy business. Help them build a wonderful store that will look great on your homestead! Complete quests to unlock four new crafting recipes which will give great boosts to help you around the homestead!

Gated at level 18
New Crop - Sugar Beet - 6 hour harvest (free gift)
New Crop - Spearmint - 12 hour harvest - Coin Crop
New Collection - B&B Mystery Box, Candy Shop
New craftable boosts - Big Drop Lollipop (10 energy), Minty Mocha (refill energy and doubles speed for 15 mins), chocolate rush (chop trees for 15 mins with 1 chop), peppermint earthquake (3x rewards from fruit trees)


I. Break It Down
-Place the Candy Shop
-Chop Non Sapling Oaks 8 Times
-Gather 25 Piles of Sugar Dust
Rewards: Big Drop Lollipop and B&B Mystery Boxes unlocked, 6 Choc Chip Cookies, 2 Sugar Beets
**Sugar dust drops from gum drops.

II. Folly Lolly
-Gather 15 Vials of Spearmint Oil
-Craft two Big Drop Lollipops
-Upgrade the Candy Shop
Rewards: Minty Mocha Unlocked, Big Drop Lollipop, Butterscotch Cat
**Spearmint oil drops from Spearmint Crops, a coin crop in the market.

III. The Sugar Rush
-Gather 8 Chocolate Mice
-Craft 3 Minty Mochas
-Upgrade the Candy Shop
Rewards: Chocolate Rush Unlocked, 2 Minty Mochas, Rock Candy Sheep
** Mice come from Butterscotch Cats, you received one as a mission reward.

IV. Sneakin. Treats
- Collect 4 Tin Peppermints or Bronze Candy Canes from B&B Mystery Boxes
-Craft One Chocolate Rush
-Upgrade the Candy Shop
Rewards: Peppermint Earthquake unlocked, Chocolate Rush, Red Gummi Bear

V. The Sugar Rush
-Trade in a Mystery Box Collection
-Craft one Peppermint Earthquake
-Finish the Candy Shop
Rewards: 3 B&B Mystery Crates, Peppermint Earthquake, 3 Green Gummi Bears
** The Mystery Box Collection comes from opening B&B Mystery Boxes.

The Candy Shop


Stage 1 - A Candied Affair
8 Wax Wrappers - Direct Request
7 Candy Tray - Wall Post
10 Sweet Juice -Sugar Beets
6 Walnut Countertop - Direct Request
8 Gummy Mold - Direct Request
10 Oak Post -Chop non-sapling oak trees

Stage 2 - Grinding out Success
12 Mortar and Pestle - Direct Request
16 Sugar Lumps - Wall Post
15 Sweet Juice - Sugar Beets (new crop)
6 Perfect Caramel - Crafted
14 Mint Leaves - Direct Request
20 Oak Post- Chop non-sapling oak trees
Crafting- Each Perfect Caramel requires 3 Churned Butter (Rarely drops from Standard Adult Cows) and 4 Fine Sugar (Wall Post)

Stage 3 - Happy Taffy
14 Display Tray - Direct Request
18 Chocolate Dipper - Wall Post
20 Cup O'Honey-usually drops from Red Clover or Blueberries
9 Saltwater Taffy- Crafted
16 Extract Bottles- Direct Request
40 Peppermint Vial - Peppermint bushes
Crafting-Each Saltwater Taffy Requires 6 Sweet syrup (corn), 9 clean saltwater (direct request) and 8 Vanilla syrup (wall post)

Stage 4 - The Sugar Rush
15 Saltwater Taffy - Crafted
18 Colorful Confetti - Wall Post
25 Candy Hearts-drops from Candy Flowers (free gift)
8 Perfect Caramel-Crafted
20 B&B Gift Bags- Direct Request
25 Tasting Toothpick - chop non-sapling Pine Trees
Crafting: Each Saltwater Taffy Requires 6 Sweet syrup (corn), 9 clean saltwater (direct request) and 8 Vanilla syrup (wall post)
Each Perfect Caramel requires 3 Churned Butter (Rarely drops from Standard Adult Cows) and 4 Fine Sugar 

Crafting / Boosts:

B&B Mystery Box
- Unlocked after completing Mission One
Requires: 3 Candy Bits (Sugar Beets/Spearmint) and 3 Gold Paper Boxes (Wall Post)

Big Drop Lollipop
-Unlocks after completing Mission One
-Gives 10 Energy
Requires: 4 Lemon Candy (Lemon Trees) and 3 Lollipop Sticks (Wall Post)

Minty Mocha
-Unlocks after completing Mission Two
- Refills energy and doubles speed for 15 minutes.
Requires: 4 Golden Mugs (Ornament Crops/Golden Roses) and 3 Mocha Mix (Direct Request)

Chocolate Rush
-Unlocked after completing Mission Three
- Chop trees with one click for 15 minutes .
Requires: 6 Maple Sugar Leaves (Rock Candy Sheep), 9 Brown Sugar Cubes (Wall Post) and 5 Dark Cocoa (Direct Request)

Peppermint Earthquake
Unlocked after completing Mission Four
- Triple Drops on Fruit Trees for 15 Minutes.
Requires: 8 Maple Sugar Leaves (Rock Candy Sheep), 12 Brown Sugar Cubes (Wall Post) and 7 Peppermint Cream (Direct Request)



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