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Question-whiteHints bonus question

by Erica Mantegna Osier - Jan 25, 2013 Star_s11,586 views

I notice the first few times I work a scene I get a lot more points for the hints bonus, but after a few plays, it only gives one or two bars. What exactly does this mean? Are we only allowed so many hints each try? I rarely use them, preferring instead to get the bonus on them, even if it means getting a bit less on the time bonus.

I have searched for game "rules" and guidelines but have not found anything other than these forums. There is a lot that is not clearly explained :(

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It has zero to do with how many days you play in a row. My wife and i play. We are both always 5 hints, I didn't play for 2 days and I stayed 5 hints, never dropped. She didn't play for less than 1 day but she went in and got her consecutive days bonus anyway but she dropped to 3 hints. The next day she played and stayed 3 hints. She played the following day and stayed 3 hints.

Additionally a friend of mine went from 1 hint to 3 hints in less than 24 hours. then 3 to 5 hints in another 24 hours. Fyi


According to zen desk, here's what determines friend hint bonuses. Scroll to after the hints explanation:


It's because the teammate you used as a partner was less than a '5 Hint Bonus' player. In order to stay a '5 Hint Bonus' player you MUST collect your 5th day bonus, the bag of chips, EVERY DAY without missing a day. If you miss a day and 24 hours lapse between collecting the 5th day bonus, you will go back to the day 1 bonus which is 1,000 coins.

If you miss a day you DO NOT go to being a "4 Hint Bonus' player, you do back to being a '1 Hint Bonus' player.

Each hint bonus is worth 20,000 points so when you play with a '5 Hint Bonus' partner you can earn 100,000 bonus points assuming of course you don't use any of the hints. If you use a '4 Hint Bonus' partner you can earn 80,000 bonus points.....a '3 Hint Bonus' partner.....60,000 and so on.

It's all about collecting the 5th day bonus EVERY DAY and not missing a day. You will then stay in teammate lineup with a '5 pinned to your chest.'

If you run out of '5 Hint Bonus' teammates but still want the 100,000 bonus points that's when you purchase the '5 Hint Bonus' booster for 1,500 coins. That will give your 4, 3, 2 ,1 Hint Bonus partner an automatic 5.


Actually, from another post from a mod, they say it does have to do with the amount of days. Here:


I can fairly confidently say it's not either of these (current level or days played in a row).

I have one friend who was showing a 2 hint bonus for about a week straight - there's no way for that to be possible if it's based on days in a row she's played; it would either drop to 1 if she's not playing or go up if she is.

I have another friend who's many levels above me and was at a 5 hint bonus for weeks. Now suddenly she's at a 2 hint bonus. If it was based on levels she wouldn't drop. I've played every day, so it can't be based on her days played, because I would have seen it go down to 1 then back up to 2. I also have a third friend who only started playing recently and is many levels below me, and she was giving a 5 hint bonus for awhile too.

All that said.... I don't know what actually determines it. I came here looking for that info, in fact. :-\


it actually has to do with their current level. the higher the level the more points. just like if it was real life, the higher up the police office (the most experience) the more help that person would be.


It's based on how many days in a row they have played.


I've not seen that- I get 20K for each hint bonus not used. If you go with the friends the game autoselects for you, you'll burn through the ones that have the 5+ bonuses first (I only have 3 of those). Everyone else after that has fewer bonuses (for me, one or two). You can determine the # of bonuses by counting the # of bars in the circle around their face before you've selected them and before you start the scene. My guess is that the designers were not willing to give out too many 100K bonus opportunities.

I'd like to know how a friend gets to the 5+ bonuses state. Is it based on the level you're at?

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