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Face-sad Most stuck levels! PLease help out!

Chart_bar Level # of people stuck
1 Level 181 2364 people
2 Level 140 1611 people
3 Level 70 1352 people
4 Level 23 1259 people
5 Level 130 1202 people

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Light-bulbStuck on level 35 for weeks.... please help

by Jennifer Pund - Jan 27, 2013 Star_s68,136 views

I get going ok, but then i get stuck with only one move that leads to only one move, none of which are helping remove the jelly, just taking moves away...

please help me get unstuck, I am starting to think that they are making me purchase a cheat and I HATE games that make you buy things to keep going..

please help!!!

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12-em-plus add reply

Again with the sheer number of jellies only meant one thing, you need to create combos to clear them. The jellies on the 4 corners are tough to hit at times, however with a color bomb + striped candy along with correctly place candies of the same color as your striped candy, they can be cleared rather easily.

see how this strategy is being implemented on the video.

None of the levels require any boosters by the way.


Hi! I've a easy HOW to for you for level 35.. It just takes 3 minutes in total..
It explains how you work this level
Good luck!


It is the corner candies taht are hard to free at Level 35, take any chance you get on removing them. A nice way to remove them is to get a Colour Bomb and match it with a candy in a corner that needs to have the jelly removed.  

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