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Light-bulbGinormous 51 X 51 and Jumbo 53 X 53 Expansion Missions

by Tonya Collins - Jan 28, 2013 Star_s4,012 views


Howdy Pardners!

It's a Ginormous country out there and the new expansion missions are here! There is a lot to explore, so pack some grub & get ready to explore the great Frontier!

*Note: you must have already completed or purchased the 48 X 48 Expansion Missions before you will receive the next expansion. If you purchased the 51 X 51 Expansion for Horseshoes , you will receive the 53 X 53. If you purchased both sets, you will not receive new missions until the next release date.



I. Lookin' Fer A Little Space
Harvest 60 Cherry Trees
Collect 25 Warm Clothes
Craft 6 Donkey Carts
Rewards: 250XP, Fully Grown Pine, 250 coins
Notes: Warm Clothes are requested. Donkey Carts are Crafted.
Each Cart requires 3 Cart Harnesses (Goats) and 4 Wagon Parts (Direct Request) .

II. The Right Spot
Collect 30 Hiking Boots
Harvest 50 Lettuce
Chop Fully Grown Pines 20 Times
Rewards: 500XP, Loyal Pioneer, 500 Coins
Notes: Boots are requested. Lettuce is a free gift.

III. Good Fences
Tend 40 Adult Cows
Collect 30 Dug Holes
Craft 15 Post Plasters
Rewards: 750XP, Black Bear Cub, 750 coins
Notes: Dug Holes are requested. Post Plasters are Crafted. Each Plaster requires 1 Crushed Gravel (Sieve Stations) and 4 Murky Swamp Water (Wall Post).  

IV. Bear Essentials
Tend 5 Black Bear Cubs
Clobber 6 Bears
Craft 12 Bear Shelters
Rewards: 1'000XP, Shaggy Llama, 1'000 coins
Notes: Bear Shelters are crafted. Each Shelter requires 4 Big Leaves (Fully Grown Oak) and 7 Rock Pillows (Wall Post).

V. Land Lovin'
Tend 8 Shaggy Llamas
Craft 12 Border Fences
Collect 4 Land Office Daily Bonuses
Rewards: 2 Horses, Tough Hand Tonic, Front Deck
Notes: You received a Llama from the previous mission and may have some in your Animal Hospital. Fences are crafted. Each Fence requires 2 Crushed Gravel (Sieve Stations), 8 Sticky Swampwater (Wall Post) and 7 Fence Boards (Direct Request).


Once the mission is complete you must go inside the Land Office (in the Emporium if stored) and buy the land expansion with 10 Land Grants which are crafted with cloth and coins. Congratulations! You are now ready to begin the 53 X 53 Expansion Missions!



I. Lookin' Ahead
Harvest 50 Potatoes
Collect 30 Water Cans
Craft 4 Controlled Fires
Rewards: 500XP, Firehouse Kitten, 500 coins
Notes: Water Cans are requested. Controlled Fires are crafted.
Each Fire requires 6 Lines of Fire (Sparkler Crops) and 8 Dug Holes (Direct Request).

II. Burnin' Fer Space
Collect 35 New Land Party RSVPs
Collect 20 Charcoal Chunks
Tend Firehouse Kittens 6 Times
Rewards: 1'000XP, Loyal Pioneer, 1'000 coins
Notes: RSVPs are requested. Charcoal Chunks drop from clearing grass. You received a Firehouse Kitten from the last mission and may have one in your Animal Hospital.

III. Makin' Good
Clear 20 Wildflowers
Collect 30 Grape Juice
Craft 12 Plans
Rewards: 1'500XP, Tough Hand Tonic, 1'500 Coins
Notes: Grape Juice drops from Grape Crops. Plans are crafted.
Each Plan requires 3 Shindig Paper (Bamboo) and 6 Good Deals (Wall Post).

IV. Plans For Sale
Tend 80 Adult Sheep
Clobber 8 Coyotes
Craft 14 Sheep Pens
Rewards: 2'000XP, Crazy Cake, 2'000 coins
Notes: Coyotes appear when tending chickens. Sheep Pens are crafted.
Each Pen requires 4 Raw Oak Planks (Fully Grown Oak) and 6 Shelter Roofing (Wall Post).

V. Party On
Clear 6 Stumps
Collect 6 Bonuses from the Land Office
Craft 12 Party Packs
Rewards: 2 Horses, Water Storage Container, Expansion
Notes: Party Packs are Crafted.
Each Party requires 3 Funny Hats (Pink Lillies), 9 Map Cake (Wall Post) and 6 Party Invites (Direct Request).


Once you complete the missions you must buy your land upgrade inside the Land Office for 11 Land Grants.

The next expansion, the 55 X 55 will now be available to purchase for horseshoes if you choose to do so.



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12-em-plus add reply

When you reload your game you should have the new expansion


I just completed the 48x48 expansion I don't see the missions anywhere to complete to get to 51x51 expansion. Am I missing something? Thanks

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