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Light-bulbFree Rabbitt and Speed Feed

by Jennifer Choats Burriola - Jan 29, 2013 Star_s4,286 views

What gives? Is anyone else having problems with the second feeding? I fed the stupid rabbit then she gives me speed feed and tells me the rabbitts not hungry but give it speed feed so I wait 15 mins for the rabbitt to be hungry and just when it was the timer started over on the darn rabbitt to 15 again???

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12-em-plus add reply

I haven't got it yet.. :'(


BTW... the time above the animals right after you feed them (14 minutes in the case of the rabbit) is how long you have to use the speed feed. After that, you just need to wait the usual time to feed again (an hour with rabbits I believe).


u can also use the speed feed to other animals like the cow so that it will add milk to my yuogart fast


i had to reload game to finish rabbit thing it seemed to have crashed, was ok then. julie


Think some people are having trouble with this , hover over the rabbit and a fast feed icon will appear now click it,, done :) you dont have to wait 11 / 12 mins for the thing to get hungry.


You can use speed feed when it is NOT hungry. That is the point. Which, as I stated on another post, is pointless unless you need to finish a quest. Otherwise... you are just prizing them out faster.


direct ur cursor to rabbit and click the fast feed will feed ur rabbit for 2nd times...

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