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Question-whiteMarvel Avengers Alliance Facebook BIG PROBLEM!!!

by Markos Alt - Jan 30, 2013 Star_s1,683 views

I cant put Resources on my heroes and agent too ! could someone answer me why?

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12-em-plus add reply

I have done all the researches with iso-8 and i could put resources before 3 weeks but now i cant


I noticed I couldn't put the Iso-8 in either. I also noticed that I hadn't done the proper Iso-8 research (one of the side-tasks). Once I did the research the system let me start putting Iso-8 in again. I was already at level 100 when this happened.


you guys are not alone


no they didnt fixed my problem yet....


did u fix the problem i`m havein` the same???


I had that problem also and contacted them through support. They fixed it but took a couple help I can offer is to suggest putting in a request with them asap. I don't know if trying another browser would help or not. I switch back and forth between Chrome and Firefox most of the time.

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