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Light-bulbComplete ISO-8 Task to Unlock

by Vladimir Ćirić - Jan 31, 2013 Star_s2,764 views

I can`t attach-change ISO-8 on my uniform or any of my heroes(the button "ISO-8" is shaded and can not be used). All of them already have ISO-8 attached. The problem appeared after SPEC OPS 6 started. I`m lvl 67 and I already researched mysterious ore. The game is not playable without ISO-8 especially on pvp.... HELP!!!

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12-em-plus add reply

same problem here, it started when spec ops 6 started, i checked almost everywhere and nothing helped, at first it was the shaded grey button, and said that i cant not complete til iso task was completed, BUT i been completed that, im 100+ i've also researched all the iso chips that i had left, and the "cannot complete until iso task is completed" no longer shows up when i scroll over it, i still just cant click on or add isos.
now im wondering if i have to research all of them in order to be able to socket them.


i got same problem too....really sucks...stupid playdom


same here takes the pee i got like 20 chips but cant put them on anyone


I`ve sent a ticket on playdom support 2 days ago but still no-reply from them... any ideas??


yea wtf can you do? i'm gonna lose pvp cuz of that now


hey dude same i keep trying it all started when spec ops started its so annoying

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