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Light-bulbAvalanche Rescue missions

by Barbara D'Angelo - Feb 01, 2013 Star_s1,316 views

A huge avalanche has stranded some hikers in the mountain pass. We don't have enough hands on the frontier to help, but we do have a whole mess of animals. This  will start a four mission thread and a four step build that  rescues the four climbers. The mountain itself will be on the right hand side of the screen, and will adapt as you do the missions to show the climbers being rescued.

We will be building a small building called the F.A.R.M. Building, Frontier Animal Rescue Members. That will drop daily Rescue Crates once the missions are done which are full of various items needed to heal up injured animals! Next Monday we'll be having to use F.A.R.M to find Ted 


Stage One

8 Dry Clothes,direct request
12 Avalanche Probes,drop from Sugar Cane
8 Tracking Guides,wall post
10 Pig Provisions,drop from Eggplant
4 Small Fires, Crafted
4 Rescue Packs, Crafted

Crafting: Each fire requires 4 Pine Tinders, drop from Fully
Grown Pine and 5 Dry Matches, direct request.

Each Rescue Pack requires 5 Potato Sacks, drop from 
Potatoes, and 6 Thick Thread, wall post

Stage Two

8 Marker Balloons, direct request
20 Marking Paint, drop from Beets
10 Hawk Food, wall post
12 Citrus Firewood, drop from Lemon Trees
6 Pocket Telescopes, Crafted
6 Hawk Gauntlets, Crafted

Crafting: Each Telescope requires 4 Rolled Brass, drop from
Brass Forges and 6 Curved Lenses, direct request.

Each Gauntlet requires 4 Thick Leather, drop from Cows and 8 
Heavy Needles, wall post.

Stage Three

10 Warm Blankets, direct request
20 Goat Ropes, drop from Flax
12 Mountain Goat Manuals, wall post
12 Goat Grub, drop from White Roses
5 Warm Tea, Crafted
5 Climbing Harnesses, Crafted

Crafting: Each Tea requires 6 Tea Leaves, drop from Tea, 10
Drying Pans, direct request and 8 Filter Cloths, wall post.

Each Harness requires 6 Harness Straps, drop from Oxen, 10
Strap Rings, wall post and 8 Secure Clasps, direct request

Stage Four

12 Uplifting Notes, direct request
15 Winter Cream, drop from Golden Sheep
10 Hot Soup, wall post
20 Fire Logs, drop from, Fully Grown Oaks
8 Jump Signs, Crafted
6 Rescue Nets, Crafted

Crafting: Each Sign requires 4 Sign Handles, drop from
Apricot Trees, 10 Sign Faces, direct request and 7 Letter
Stencils, wall post

Each Net requires 4 Rescue Frames, drop from Steel Forges, 10
Mini Springs,wall post and 7 Canvas Mats, direct request


Forming F.A.R.M.

Clear 15 Debris
Tend 20 Adult Standard Pigs
Place the F.A.R.M. Building

Rewards: 1000 XP, 3 Fast Hands Boosts, 5 Aloe Vera

The Nose Knows

Fully Train Two Pig Recruits
Harvest 50 Apple Trees
Rescue the First Hiker

Rewards: 1500 XP, 5 Brass Forges, Frontier Hawk

Notes: Two Pig Recruits will be in your inventory from the first mission and are trained with 10 Rescue Skill, wall post.

Eyes In The Skies

Tend 4 Frontier Hawks
Tend 40 Standard Adult Sheep
Rescue the Second Hiker

Rewards: 5 Steel Forges, 5 Tea Crops, Rescue Sheep

Notes: You received a Frontier Hawk from the previous

Hikers On High

Tend 6 Rescue Sheep
Harvest 40 Habanjeros
Rescue the Last Two Hikers

Rewards: 2500 XP, 1 Rescue Goat, Animal First Aid unlocked.

Notes: You received a Rescue Sheep from the previous mission.

Where's Ted Wrapper 1, Releases Monday February 4th

Complete Bacon Brigade
Clear 30 Rocks
Tend Frontier Hawks 6 Times

Rewards: 5000 XP, 3 Red Eye Boosts, 5 Unwither Crops

Notes: Frontier Hawks are a mission reward from the Avalanche
Rescue missions.

Bacon Brigade Wrapper 2, Releases Monday February 4th

Tend Rescue Pigs 8 Times
Tend Wannabe Pigs 4 Times
Tend Private Pigs 4 Times

Rewards: 10000 XP, 10 Horseshoes, Yeti

Notes: Pigs are found by placing a Trainee Pig and feeding it
10 Rescue Skills.


We also have a new crop, tea, harvestes in 4 hours and a new Rescue Collection.

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