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Light-bulbFarmville2 has all the other farm animals but no pigs......... why?

by Julie Lotz - Feb 01, 2013 Star_s772 views

Farmville has all the animals you find on a regular farm except pigs. I would love to raise pigs, they are cute as well!

I think maybe Zynga steers clear of pigs because they can't really give us anything except meat and bacon which means the pig would have to die.

Some players might find this upsetting I suppose. Just a thought!

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ducks and geese, too. And I'd like to grow hemp :)


I would like to have maybe a cat, and a dog to :D


Would be nice to see more animals that give fur, Now my reindeer is prized i cant craft more heavy fur throws. The antlers serve no purpose unless i am missing something.


i think lots of pigs were in FV1 . . .


I was just thinking the same way as Renee, making pigs give out truffles is a great way to counter Bacon/Meat problems. Who knows, they might surprise us soon :)


its odd, because in the drawing for the loading screen, in the background you can see a grey and white pig standing next to the cow. Maybe once they give us more space, if at all, then perhaps we'll see them in the future.


I think this is Zynga being overzealous in its political correctness. Remember December's Holiday tree? Holiday-lit fence? Yulecrowe? Taking pigs out of FV2 is just a way to attract gamers (read: revenues) from regions and cultures where pork is, uh, unpopular.

I myself find the recent Valentine's theme politically-charged. So yes, where are my pigs?


For one thing...jmo...there really is not enough room for any more animals. The plots are just waaaay too small (even if you have all of them) to try to get a good amount of each "type" of animal situated without them overlapping each other...kind of frustrating for me :(


I don't know - maybe the pigs could give truffles instead of meat/bacon and we could use truffles to make truffle oil/truffle cheese tarts - something like that. I don't know. Just a thought. I'd love to have pigs. Hopefully.


It has been proposed on the zynga forum many times that they give us pigs. If nothing else... they could give us a good return on fertilizer was mentioned. Perhaps 4 fertilizer for 4 feed or such. As it has been noticed that fertilizer drops seem to be waning (out of 6 polish and cochin chickens I feed this morning only 2 dropped fertilizer... they use to ALL drop fertilizer very regularly, more than 50% of the time. Now it is about 25%. And neither of my swiss cows dropped either) perhaps zynga has decided to amuse us and give us some. We shall see.

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