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Question-whiteRusset Potatos. Stall vs Truck

by Jamie Murray - Feb 02, 2013 Star_s313 views

I have the potato truck why do I have to have a potato stall?

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12-em-plus add reply

Ok Ade. I say we agree to disagree on this one. lol. What works for some don't work for others.


But it would still be way less time than waiting for the stalls to recharge x_x With the stalls, you're sitting there waiting an hour and a half to get one potato, while with the truck you get one potato every 8 minutes. The stalls still wouldn't be very useful.


@ Ade, I understand the recharge time is long, but some of the dishes take 5 potatoes and if you have the truck and 4 potato stalls you can start that dish. With the truck you will need to wait 40 min before you can start cooking. To each his own though. Having them both is very helpful to me for the quests I'm on. I don't have to wait as long to cook while doing the timed quests and I can easily collect all the potatoes I need at one time for the next dish while my dish is cooking. I usually cant sit and wait 40 min to collect all the potatoes I need to cook one dish.



The stalls aren't really very useful though. It has an hour and half recharge time, while the truck has an 8 minute recharge time. If you don't already have the truck, then the stalls and visiting neighbors are your only option, but if you already have the truck, then the stalls are pointless aside from the quest where you have to collect from them twice.


You are going to need a lot of potatoes when you get to the fish food quest to make gnocci. It will help you finish faster to have both. I have the truck and 2 potato stalls.


in 1 of quest you need the potato stalll as you have to harvest it twice


It's mainly for people who don't have enough mastery stars to unlock the potato truck.

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