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Question-whitecoins & crystals...

by Summer Mason - Feb 02, 2013 Star_s10,993 views

How do i get more crystals and coins and level up? i am new to the game and keep running out of everything!! ive did alot of the offers, and that geanie thing doesnt help much either. thank you in advance for all your help!!

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12-em-plus add reply

Do this: select any animals, buildings, etc. EXCEPT PLANTS in the shop. Drag them anywhere but don't buy them yet. When you drag them to a place you want close the game. When you open it again it's just there and your crystals or coins remain the same. Thank You.


Earn coins by purchasing plants, trees and animals. After you feed/water them into maturity, you'll be able to harvest them for coins, XP and sometimes energy. You get occasional crystals from leveling up and completing tasks, but the fastest way is to go to tapjoy.com. They give you crystals for completing offers. Many are as simple as downloading a free app and running it. I've earned hundreds this way and haven't spent a dime.

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