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Question-whiteFV2 Expansion Discount - Hurry before it ends?!

by Lisa Metauro - Feb 03, 2013 Star_s1,366 views

When I logged into my farm today I had a pop up that said something like "act quick and get your farm expansion discount before it ends" and then I had the stupid "turned the soil" message so I had to refresh. Now I don't see it and when I click on the remaining expansions it still says $100 farm bucks each. Did I miss something??

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12-em-plus add reply

how do I expand the water no place to click to see how much


I see the back left area is available for expansion. If you don't see it, you will soon.


I got the same message yesterday. word is the back areas should be available for expansion this week at a cost of 2 million coins.


I got the message too and it said soon the expansion will me millions of coins. I didn't see any discount. It was still $100


No clue... BUT:
As they just allowed up to level 50 (or is it 60?) if the recipes are to be believed, and they got rid of the $2M coin restriction... then they are going to have to open up these areas for COINS soon anyway. They are prob just trying to make a few fast bucks by offering them at a discount price first. So you prob did not miss much either way you look at it. That is... unless you have farmbucks burning a hole in your pocket. My bet is that in 2 weeks or less those back spots will be opened up for everyone using coins. An ungodly amount of coins... but coins non-the-lesss.

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