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Light-bulbthe new anti-gamers unite measure from zynga

by Verheyen Jhonny - Feb 05, 2013 Star_s1,163 views

as some of you might have noticed, the link exchange has been flooded with "get coins, goods and energy" requests.
this is an anti-gamers unite measure taken by zynga.
it works like this:

if you let the tool share all your requests automatically you burn trough your daily amount of shares with those 3 requests. and cant do anything else for the next 12 hours.
best thing to do is go back to manually selecting the things you want to share, hence put more usefull stuff on the link exchange page.
or at least untill you can select the type of links you never want to post.

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12-em-plus add reply

It is now May 2013. Do any of these "help request" limits still apply? (I'm referring to what Verheyen Jhonny wrote, as the original post incorrectly referred to Link Exchange.)


Do you know how sending gifts to friends works? I only do it as I'm logging out of the game as I am not sure if it effects the count for requesting stuff I need or hiring for ordering goods etc.


@ kancie straight.

if you run out of ride operators and hospitality the game should automaticly ask you to share a request your friends can click to help ( with the snag-bar or manually )
that is, unless you already shared to many requests that day. and probably why you have not had the chance to do so..


@ sara james.

this has nothing to do with link-exchange.

every day you log-in to coasterville your gift box opens. and allows you to ask for goods, money and energy.
if you do that, you can no longer ask friends for the stuff like clerk uniforms etc. because you burned trough the amount of help messages you could share that day.


tnx for info wil not post anymore :)


I wondered what use "1 good" was to anyone, and why they added these daily things. I won't use them anymore. I would also like to know, how one posts for things like ride operator uniforms, and hospitality. I could really use both.


another good word of advice when accepting gifts just dont post those three things..


I don't understand. Daily amount of shares for what? I didn't think there was a limit to how many requests you could share on Link Exchange?

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