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Question-whiteTo Snag Bar or Not to Snag Bar

by - Jun 03, 2010 Star_s866 views

New to Gamers Unite and wondering how the snag bar works. Is it stealing and cheating as implied by all those folks who have their knickers in a knot over it? I am wondering if the snag bar just trolls for ya. Sometimes I have to turn off other game feeds just so I can troll for a certain item. Can someone explain how it works?

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gggggrrrrrrrr!!!!! My snag bar does not snag anything at all hardly on Farmville using Mozilla. I went from getting 200-300 things in a day to 45 in 48 hours. Before you suggest all the obvious....I have uninstalled and reinstalled the snag bar, I have checked permissions on facebook, I have insured nothing is blocked, I have reloaded the tool bar, I have checked all the settings, I have tried installing it and using internet explorer, and it did not change, I then uninstalled it and did a reboot on the PC....NOTHING. It works partially as I am getting watering cans, trees, bottles a few bonuses, shovels, but never any eggs, EX Points, fuel, animals, arborist and other items that were popular. Can anyone help? [email protected]


Well...I for one have tried and tried and tried to download the Zynga tool bar and it will not load. So I gave up. If it weren't for the game feed not working for over a week for me and me not being able to see any farmville posts on my home page, I would have never googled help with the problem and found this place. I too have it filtered to only pick up a few items here and there. I do not have time to sit at the computer all day to collect stuff. Right now without the game feed, I have to go to each neighbors profile to get a collectable or an egg, etc. It's very time consuming. Also, if they have a lock on the collectable, etc. for only certain neighbors to get, you aren't going to get that 'gift' anyways. Also, I had 300 neighbors, and as of last week when the whole mess started with the game feed, I am down to 105 neighbors. I can not give or receive gifts the 'normal' way without being a member here. I do not feel it is cheating, as I only run the bar when I am logged on to facebook. I did have one friend who was upset that I was here, but when I explained to her what what going on, she was okay with it. I have emailed Zynga and they told me they are working on the problems. Without a gamefeed, I might as well not play as what is the point?


No, I do not think it's cheating cause you are not stealing anything from anyone.. It's the same this as if you were clicking the bonuses yourself, of course, if you did not have any life and spend the whole day glued to the screen... to get anything.

Before I had it, I never got anything... No eggs, no fuel no nothing. I could not fertilize, I couldn't do anything because the second I got away, everybody started releasing stuff and I was empty handed, no collections, etc.. It was very frustrating!!! And even having the snag bar doesn't guarantee getting everything you have programmed to snag.

Now that I have it, I gathered a sufficient amount of stuff and now I only snag a few things like collectibles, only four kinds of eggs, no Gas, no Farmhands, no Arborists, no Lonely Pets except for a few examples etc.

People who are against the Snag Bar believes that we, who use it, snag absolutely EVERYTHING!!!! That is ridiculous.. Where would you put EVERYTHING you snagged!!!??? We wouldn't have room, we would be drowning in Party Ducks and Sheeps!!

But yes, the Snag Bar is great!


How do I tell it not to snag certain items?


Kathy is has more to do with the amount of neighbors your friend has. I've been playing FV almost since the beginning; long before the snag bar was created. I had neighbors then with 300 neighbors of their own, and I could NEVER get anything off their bonuses. Most of the time, I still don't, because of the timing factor of the snag bar. I don't snag everything. I choose what I need, and opt out of the rest. Actually, I snag very little when it comes right down to it.


The gone in 3 seconds has more to do with how many neighbors that friend has and how many are online at the time the bonus is posted. If the friend has 300 neighbors you have a 1 in 300 chance of getting their bonus. Example my coop expansion took less than a minute because I had 10 friends online at the same time All the snag bar does is click for you - it cannot get things that other people have beat to it.. I certainly don't get everything in my feed and you can customize it to snag only what you want when I feel I have received enough of an item, I turn it off. Also it can only run while your computer is running and logged in to FB and GU


i can understand all of your points but i don't think it's fair because people who look through take their time to find it and you are cheating really becasue your not online when it happens, i don't want to start an arguement or nothing but it's not really fair becasue people who don't have it don't get a look in and i find it annoying when something appears and have been their for three seconds and i can't get it becasue of people using the snag bar so i totally disagree with having the snag bart and think it should go.


It has enhanced my game play 10-fold, and I absolutely love it. Now I actually have time to go fertilize neighbors, rather than trolling the feed all the time.


Snag bar? Yes we pick up the bonuses . Is it stealing? I dont see how when the bonuses are there for us to get anyway. And seriously? How different is the snag bar verses Zayngas tool bar witch gives farmville players notice to collect bonuses from thier friends? Its doing the same thing .. The only difference I see is the name of the tool bar. As a matter of fact the snag bar offers no gain to download it. Yes Zayngas bar offers as much as 25 farmbucks to download thier bar. I say is your going to be prejudice against a bonus bar. You should hate them all and not just snag bar. I find this to be a rediculouse issue in all sense of the word. And further more I may show snagging as many as 30 items but I usualy am likely to only actualy retrieve a small fraction of that. I can say from experience. MORE often then not clicking the links? Is bull because there are alot of people using that Zaynga bar . How do I know? How else does a bonus posted 10 seconds ago become collected ? I get that all the time when trying to "click" for my bonuses . So yeah lets drop the hipocracy. You either are against ALL collecting bars or none of them.


Does the snag bar snag everything in your news feed or can you tell it what to snag and what not to snag?


I love my snag bar....and none of my farmville neighbours have deleted me because i use it!
It is just an assistant to click for you, its well worth having!!


The Snag Bar is not "stealing" anything. In order to steal something, someone else would have to already have possession of the item and you would then have to go in and steal that item from them. Since the Snag Bar has no access at all to anything but a user's own News Feed, there is no way for it to sneak on anyone's farm to steal anything.

As for whether it is a "cheat", you have to answer that for yourself. The Gamers Unite! Staff do not feel like it is cheating, though there are others that do.

As for how the Snag Bar works, the answer is simple: it is nothing more than an automated you. When you activate it, it will scan the last 100 posts in your News Feed and click on the links for any FarmVille Reward Posts it finds. After that, it will continue checking your News Feed for new posts every 60 seconds.

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