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Light-bulbi need cheat pls

by Møhâ Měď Ali Krifa - Feb 06, 2013 Star_s1,507 views

pls hope me i realy need link of cheat pls

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12-em-plus add reply

Ur wandering in very dangerous territory if u think u can get over on the MAA game using "cheat program". Playdom don't tolerate cheats, hacks, exploits, special programs during the game and during the PvP fight matches. If Playdom catches u cheating, they ban you from PvP fight match permanently, still allow u to play PvE combat mode, sometimes ban you completely for several months to make u suffer, then allow u to come back. U better reconsider ur option coz once ur caught there is no turning back. Ur warned! :P


To be fair the level 40 could have just spent a lot of gold and played the pvp like crazy to get the power armor, you don't need to get that high really to get the armor either and buying gold is supporting the game NOT cheating.
As for the iso 8, I cant remember what level they unlock cos it's been a while but if the research is unlocked at level 10 then the ability to buy them with gold will also be unlocked at the same level.


And actually there are Cheats as well as Cheaters. I have seen a level 40 wearing a Bruiser Power Armor and a Level 10 using Iso-8 Crystals and many more. I have screenshots if you want them. So Yeah.


Stop defending Cheaters. I know it's rude but helping the egos of cheaters is more rude to others playing the game legit.

It's like trying to defend someone trying to rob a bank and scolding the police for stopping the would-be robber.


Some of you people have no decent manners. "Stop being bad at this game..." is stupid answer to give someone. That comment was directed to Federico Einszweidrei.

Now to answer the question. There are no cheat devices for this game. However, Playdom releases free links for several items in the game. You can find that on their facebook page. Good luck :D


Here's a tip. Learn to play. Stop being bad at this game or just stop playing if you just want to cheat.

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