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Light-bulbcafe world, retrying.

by Jessica Marie - Feb 07, 2013 Star_s461 views

for the past 2 days it will begin to load the game, but "retrying.." will show up, and it will just sit like that and do nothing. wondering if anyone might have a solution to this...

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omigosh --- Morgan, I have been "fighting" this for SO long and used what you suggested. Bingo!! It's all working now ... Thank you!!


I have been going through this for a good while now and I can not get through to my cafe at all. I really liked Morgan's post and was excited to try her suggestions. I was SO convinced it would work. I have my Firefox browser set to clear all history, cookies, and cache when it closes, but I deleted them manually as well just to be sure. I also used a program called CC Cleaner (I very much recommend, its free) to clear my temp files and it also helps with some registry fixes. However none of this has helped. Also, trying to use Google Chrome and Internet Explorer have been big failures.
It is fairly annoying to deal with because not too long ago this happened on a seperate facebook account of mine and I sent a email to Zynga Support to try to get a fix and they said they ran my account through some kind of troubleshooting thing? I don't know, but it was fixed and I can still get into my cafe on that account, but on this account I can't? That tells me this problem is on Zynga's end. I tried emailing them again about this so they could maybe magically fix my cafe, but I got a completely different reply this time that almost sounded annoyed or rude. I do try to be polite when reporting problems so I found this unwarranted. Besides that, all they had to offer was that I restart my computer or clear my cache. I didn't really get many of my questions answered. I'm feeling a little in the dark with this situation.


I went through this for a while. I use Firefox, but it doesn't matter which browser you use. Chances are, your browser's cache, cookies, and history needs to be deleted. I use all of this on my Firefox, except the cache, so I do not want to lose it until it gets slow for my regular use. I do clear the cache regularly. So I went to Internet Explorer to play Cafe World. If you use IE and want to keep your cookies and such, then switch to Firefox or Google Chrome. Just pick a browser that you don't regularly use that is empty. I go into Facebook on IE and go play Cafe World there. Not a problem at all. I was amazed! The cookies do add up so quickly on your browser, you will probably need to clear them out pretty regularly even on the new browser.
The biggest problem sometimes is not having the current adobe flash player plugin. I regularly go to and get the latest. Still, the Zynga games will unfortunately crash a lot despite having the latest. It will almost always tell you that the flash player crashed, but I can simply switch to my empty browser and play my heart out. I am even able to play in full screen a lot too.
These games put a lot of temp files on your computer. So, if you want to speed things up...Click the Start button. Type in %temp% and press enter. All of these files will now display. Press CTRL A and they will all be selected. Next hit Delete. Don't worry, it will not delete anything that it needs or is using. Anything it needs will prompt you with a window for each file. Just hit Skip or Cancel. It will recycle these items to the Recycle Bin. Then, you can go to the Recycle Bin and Empty Trash. If you are worried that you did something wrong, simply restore files from the Recycle Bin. You will have a lot more room which will allow your computer to run more quickly. I am using Windows 7. Hope this helps and have fun!

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