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Light-bulbask friends function not working correctly...

by Mark Rea - Feb 08, 2013 Star_s123 views

when I ask my zfriends for, let's say, amber, it only gives me the option of asking 60 people or so. I have over 3k zynga friends. After I ask those 60 people, I can't ask anyone else for anything. It does this using both Chrome and Firefox...

is anyone else having this problem? It makes it hard to do quests when you can only ask for 1 item a day from friends, and it only goes to 60 people, of which 45 probably don't even play anymore.

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12-em-plus add reply

a mi directamente no me funciona, ni siquiera a uno le puedo enviar, hago click en "enviar a amigos" se pone gris el botón y las solicitud no se envía nunca.

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