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Light-bulbAnti-Valentine's Day ! Again Quest

by Melissa Pugh Gaddis - Feb 08, 2013 Star_s1,385 views

Farmville Anti-Valentine's Day! Again Quest Guide

Starts: 14th February, 2013 Expires: 22nd February, 2013

*Dates mentioned on the guide are only according to the current game codes. These may change during a future enhancement.

Note: This quest may be carried out on all farms and should be repeatable according to the current game codes. Some images will be visible when the quest is released.

Quest 1: Promote the Don't

Get 6 Anti-Heart Buttons

Harvest 50 Morning Glory (12 Hrs Crop)

Make 10 Creamer recipes in your Dairy (Dairy)

Rewards: 125 XP, Broken Heart Arch, 2500 Coins

Crop Alternative: Super Morning Glory-12 hrs

Quest 2: It's a Love Hate Thing

Get 7 Promotional Flyers

Harvest 75 Cotton (12 Hrs Crop)

Craft Floral Perfume 2 Times

Rewards: 150 XP, Anti-Valentine Gnome, 3000 Coins

Crop Alternatives: Super Cotton-12 hrs/Chinese Cotton-1 Day

Tip: Craft 2 Floral Perfumes in Spa using 8 Blueberry & 8 Morning Glory Bushels

Quest 3: Setting the Example

Get 8 Tear-Drop Teddies

Harvest 100 Jalapenos (8 Hrs Crop)

Harvest Orchard 4 Times

Rewards: 175 XP, Anti-Valentine Cow, 3500 Coins

Quest 4: Two is a Crowd

Get 9 Archery Heart Targets

Harvest 125 Daffodils (2 Days Crop)

Harvest Anti-Valentine Cow 2 Times

Rewards: 200 XP, 1 Unwither, 4000 Coins

Crop Alternative: Lilac Daffy-16 hrs

Tip: Harvest the Cow in Pasture/Dairy Barn

Quest 5: Mourning the Day

Get 9 Black Candles

Harvest 150 Sunflowers (1 Day Crop)

Craft Strawberry Shortcake 2 Times

Rewards: 225 XP, Black Candle Fountain, 4500 Coins

Tip: Craft 2 Strawberry Shortcakes in Bakery using 8 Strawberry & 8 Wheat Bushels

Quest 6: Busy Work

Get 9 Anti-Valentine Cards

Harvest 150 Golden Poppy (1 Day Crop)

Master Anti-Valentine Cow to 1-Star (5 Harvests)

Rewards: 250 XP, 3 Pack of Turbos, 5000 Coins

Tip: Harvest the Cow in Pasture/Dairy Barn

Quest 7: Change of Scenery

Get 10 Black Valentine Planters

Harvest 150 Peppers (1 Day Crop)

Craft Black Licorice 3 Times

Rewards: 275 XP, Anti-Valentine Tree, 5500 Coins

Crop Alternatives: Super Pepper-1 Day/Habanero Chili-8 hrs/Fire Pepper-12 hrs/Bell Pepper-2 Days/Jalapenos-8 hrs/Ghost Chili-6 hrs/Sichuan Pepper-4 hrs

Tip: Craft 3 Black Licorice in Bakery using 9 Licorice, 9 Rye, & 9 Sugar Cane Bushels

Quest 8: Love Hurts

Get 11 Heartbroken Bandaids

Harvest 150 Cabbage (2 Days Crop)

Harvest Anti-Valentine Tree 2 Times

Rewards: 300 XP, XP Book, 6000 Coins

Crop Alternative: Super Cabbage-2 Days

Tip: Harvest the tree in Orchard

Quest 9: Think of the Animals

Get 12 Black Heart Ribbons

Harvest 200 Soybeans (1 Day Crop)

Harvest Cow Pasture 4 Times

Rewards: 325 XP, Anti-Valentine Horse, 6500 Coins

Thanks to The Digger and The Dirt Farmer for the info.

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