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Question-whiteSnag bar running and farm at the same time?

by Andi Fray - Feb 09, 2013 Star_s8 views

Can I have the snag bar running and work on my farms at the same time? If so are there any problems or issues doing this?

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12-em-plus add reply

There are two issues to keep in mind when doing this.

1) Can you computer handle it? Many games, especially Zynga games, can use up a lot of computer resources. Computers with limited resources may not be able to run both programs at the same time.

2) Running the Snag Bar at the same time you play a Facebook game could possibly trigger something within Facebook that causes you to be temporarily banned from doing certain things on the social site. We don't really hear about it happening much any more, but it's always possible. That's why we recommend that not run the Snag Bar at the same time you are playing a game (though many people do).


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