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Question-whiteWhich are the Best Tree's

by Betty Kenna Cleary - Feb 11, 2013 Star_s1,696 views

Hi folks, i have just reached lv 39 and would like to know which trees to buy, and which to sell.. Also what are the best ways to move quickly up the level..

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I am level 33. I keep the trees that provide the highest value goods for my level. At this point its limes and cherries. Also nutmeg for nutmeg cookies. Apricots are good for making apricot trifles because they don't require wheat, and they mature in 2 hours. Some mango trees are also good for feed because they mature in 2 hours. I put the other trees in the back unwatered, or sell them. Why screw around crafting a 1000 coin item when the high level items are 4000 coins?


Your tree question isn't as simple as "which trees are the best." This is because ALL trees you can buy for coins produce a consumable you need in order to craft items in your Kitchen and/or Crafting Workshop. If you sell of a particular type of tree, then there may come a time where you need to craft something but won't be able to because you don't have the consumable. You would then need to buy that tree, plant it, water it, and wait for it to produce enough consumables to make what you need.

In addition, quests are sometimes released that require you to water/harvest a certain type of tree X number of times. And from time to time, the Village Grocer will ask for something that grows on trees. If you don't have the trees, you may not have the consumables to supply the order.

The real question is not which type of trees should I have on my farm, but how many of each type of tree should I keep on my farm?

Apple, Lemon, Orange, and Olive trees seem to be favorite targets of quests (requirements usually want three trees harvested, but can sometimes be as high as five trees). Lemons are also needed to make all the base Lemonades with and Limes are needed to make the base Limeades with. Cherries are a common ingredient in several high-valued Kitchen goods. The Lumber from Pine Trees aren't used in that many Crafting Workshop goods, currently, but what is needed is often a high amount, so you need to make sure you have a good stock of Lumber available should you need it. Grapefruit is currently only used in one Kitchen recipe, but it requires a large number of them to make it and is a high-valued item.

The above are just some of the trees that jump out at me upon first thought. You will need to look in your Inventory to see how many of each tree consumable you have before you decide what to keep and what, if anything, to get rid of. Personally, I keep three of each type of tree on my farm. But you may decide to keep more Lemon and Apples tree and keep fewer Pecan and Banana trees.

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