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Question-whitestuck on level 30 plz help

by Lynda Deville Orr - Feb 12, 2013 Star_s419,547 views

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Open up the obstacles, create some combos or even simple combinations to remove the ingredients. Remember that even a vertical striped candy can remove an ingredient straight away, there is no need to go for gimmicks. The video shows you exactly how its being done


Maybe this HOW to will helps you with this level..
It actually explains you how to do it!


This greatly helped me in finishing this level.
Detailed instructions and solid tips.


I've been stuck on level 30 for weeks because not enough fruit comes down before my moves are used up, for me to win, no matter how many "special candies" I create. MAD! Can you help?


I do not see what the trick is, can someone put it into words for me? Been on that level for over a week now!


i actually don't know.. Not updated? ? anyway maybe you can try to play it on


Like your video! But on my IPad level 30 has different layouts. How come?


I found some tips and a helpful walkthrough on crushingcandies:

hope it helps!


this is the same walkthrough that helped me! Are you also getting tips from

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