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Question-whiteWhere is my Lavender Meadows???

by Audrey Jordan - Feb 13, 2013 Star_s590 views

Tired of fairyland ... They have been teasing us since Decenber. Anyone got the 411???


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12-em-plus add reply

lavender meadows is not available yet


No lavender meadows for me, all it says is "Coming Soon. Awesome." What i DO have is the Sunflower Meadows that costs 200,000,000 coins. The farm ran some early on discounted farmville cash expansions which i purchased to get the 14x14 and 16x16 size ones. The 18x18 size costs 50 fv cash and has not been offered at a discount until the recent promotion that Zynga had that listed "30% off everything over 4 fv cash" that lasted for about an hour. At that time, I only had 15 farmville cash, otherwise, i would have expanded to get the 18x18 .@34 discount.

It appears that like all products, Zynga is slowly rolling out these two farms, Sunflower Meadows or Lavender Meadows to everyone but so far, just one. I don't know of anyone who has both yet.

This farm, Sunflowers Meadows, costing 200,000,000 coins, came without water and it came without the obstruction objects that are randomly placed on the land like some of the farms. This is one of the reasons the farm is desireable, because you can plant as many crops as you want with nothing to hinder your production.


Tried to by it with the coins, nothing happened, what else is new!


Lavender Meadows can be found on your Home farm only in the upper left corner. It costs 200,000,000 coins or 60FV

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