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Light-bulbHow to Unlock tier 9 Units

by Alejandro Retana - Feb 13, 2013 Star_s3,247 views


-Charles Proxy,download: http://www.charlesproxy.com/

-Espionage HQ building

you may want to read this first: Setting Up Charles Web Debugging Proxy

step 1. Run Charles Proxy,and set a breakpoint at game startup on the 'flashservices' folder under 'fb-client-zc.empire.zyngadotcom'

step 2. Find the response with the 'data' and 'metadata' folders and navigate to data/userInfo/player:

step 3. Edit the Cash amount number,change it to 999999:

step 4. Disable the breakpoints and click on 'execute'

step 5. Let the game load,go to the Espionage hq building,select the tier 7-8 spy (you must have the parts ready),click on equip,and click on send

step 6. Visit a neighbor with Crimson hand units,find the Chimera,click on 'clone' and go back to your empire

step 7. Click on World Domination icon,select the Alliances battles,choose an enemy to attack

step 8. Place the Chimera you just cloned (and place more units if needed),click on 'fight', and win the battle

step 9. When the battle is over,you will see a screen where you can buy the units you used in battle with Empire Points,click on 'buy all for n EP',and click on 'yes' on the purchase confirmation:

step 10. Now you must have a Chimera on your inventory,reload the game and if everything went right,the Chimera must be still there,and you are free to hack any other tier 8 or tier 9 unit

Video here: Unlocking tier 9 units


paso 1. Abre el Charles,y coloca un breakpoint en el folder 'flashsevices' que esta en el folder 'fb-client-zc.empire.zyngadotcom'

paso 2. Encuentra la 'response' (respuesta) con los folders 'data' y 'metadata' y ve hacia data/userInfo/player

paso 3. Edita el numero Cash,cambia el numero a 999999

paso 4. Desactiva los breakpoints,haz click en 'execute',y deja que se carge el juego

paso 5. Ve al centro de espionaje,elige el espia para unidades tier 7-8,click en 'equipar',y despues click en 'enviar'

paso 6. Visita un vecino que tenga las unidades de la mano carmesi,encuentra la Quimera y clonala (tambien puede ser el Kraken y/o harpy)

paso 7. De regreso a tu imperio,click en el icono de dominacion mundial,entra a las batallas de alianzas,selecciona una alianza para pelear (de preferencia de 5 integrantes o menos)

paso 8. Coloca la unidad que acabas de clonar (la quimera) y coloca mas unidades si es necesario (cualquiera),click en 'pelear',y gana la batalla

paso 9. Cuando las oleadas terminen,te va a aparecer un mensaje que te pregunta si quieres comprar todas las unidades que usaste en la batalla,haz click en 'comprar todo por n EP',confirma la compra,y es todo,ahora tienes una quimera en tu inventario y todas las unidades vertex desbloqueadas

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12-em-plus add reply

ohhh i miss this game nooooooo i want it back :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


plzz can we use cheat engine ?? i dont know hw to use charles....


skylowe,do as Alejandro say (In order to use Charles,you will need to disable the 'secure browsing' option (https) on your facebook account first,go to 'account settings',click on the 'security settings' tab and disable the 'secure browsing' option,be warned though,disabling https leaves your account somehow unprotected,so make sure to enable it again once you finish using Charles.


I dont get how to work this =/ I keep getting nothing but Defaults popping up.


@Leandro Casanova, puedes expandir (abrir) esa carpeta? si aparece la carpeta 'flashservices' dentro de ella entonces es la carpeta correcta


TIo, no me sale esa carpeta, me sale una qu se llama 'fb-client-zc.empire.zynga.com:443


is there any cheat for woods & oil


finally it works. thanks Alejandro Retana


And also third party setting


I know charles setting. I want to know about PC & mozilla setting


thank alot sir........... (y)


how to set third party


i am using 64 bit operating system win 7 & using mozilla & charles 3.7


please tell me the setting of mozilla & pc setting. I tried so many times but nothing happened


@Chris Kimberlin, watch the video,the procedure is simple and easy


Can someone anyone who speeks english please help me with this i have charles proxy and i am so new to this i don't understand please help me!


@Marzoochy Sentosa, the name is 'ya odna', by Blue Affair ft. Calprit - Sasha Dith


sir, can you tell me title of that song? thank alot


@Dony Lope Anjani, what hapenned? the game didn't load...you couldnt set the plugins....or the bot didn't start at all

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