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Light-bulbstuck on level 140

by Rose Truong Hanaki - Feb 13, 2013 Star_s1,142,701 views

Does anyone have any hints on level 140? i've tried the multi colored ball many times but it doesn't help. Thanks for any hints you can give!

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Help, I'm Stuck!

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This level requires many combos.
Alternatively if combos are not available, play it like a time-based game - you need to make multiple hits in 1 move (domino effect).
Always try to make your move from the bottom, of course unless you can create specials on top.



The only way is to combine at least three bombs with 3 striped candies. Don't just use the bombs on regular candies and when u get a bomb work to get a striped candy next to the bomb. This level took me about 100 lives!


Focus on making moves at the bottom of the board to trigger cascading matches. As always, you should make as many special candy combinations as possible. Color bomb + striped candy combo is the best move you can make in this level.


Strategies to pass level 140: gameru.com/tip.xhtml?vid=113
Welcome to GamerU Candy Crush Tips and Tricks Level 140. To pass level 140, you must collect 99 red, 99 orange, and 99 yellow candies, and earn 30,000 points in 45 moves. Here are 4 tips to help you pass Level 140: - Tip1: create a Cascade Reaction by matching candies in bottom rows. It will help you collect more orders by accidentally matching same-type candies. - Tip 2: make as many Super Candies as you can, and save them for combos. They will help collect lots of orders in one move. The combination of Color Bomb and Striped Candy, Striped and Wrapped Candy, and two Wrapped Candies work perfectly in this level. Note that the more candies you clear in one move, the greater chance you have to collect more orders from random candies falling down. - Tip 3: a single Striped Candy and the combo of 2 Striped Candies don’t work well in this level. So, save those for other combos. - Tip 4: Save Color Bomb for a combo or wait until lots of target orders appear on the board, now activate it! That’s it and good luck!!


All the videos are next to useless, if you start a game and get a chocolatey sprinkle thing off your first move, you're in a much better position than if it takes 10 moves before you even get 1 striped candy.
There doesn't seem to be any actual tips that make a real difference. It literally is down to where the candies are when the level starts. 95% of the time you'll end up with no better than 25 of each colour left.....


Get an axe and cut your phone or tablet in half. You wont have anymore troubles.


Only 3 colors are needed for this level. So if you do 3-in-a-row, make sure you only do the one for the chosen colors, otherwise you will be wasting your move. You can still do 4-in-a-row for the colors not in play as these can be used in combos to hit the other colors.


I took Amys Jenkins advive after loosing 100+ times. Knock out the colors you dont need to give you more of what you do need. After i read her advice i beat it the Second play


All I can say is, if you haven't got perserverance you'll never make this level. Keep playing. If you'll just hang in there and play a few times a day, you will eventually beat it. I do not buy anything. I figure a game is a game and you should not have to pay to win. The challenge is enough in itself. It should not be this hard to win, but if you like the game or the challenge, you will continue playing.


The problem with #140 is there are 6 colors but you only need 3, but to get those 3, you will need to make use of the other colors as well. Color bombs and mixing with a striped candy is the best road to follow to score mega points and pretty much clear off the board. Probably 2 color bomb and striped candy mixes will be enough to beat this level. The more the merrier.

For alternatives strategies on Level 140 please have a look here: crushingcandies.com/candy-crush-saga-level-140/


The way me and alot of friends beat this level is to clear the colors you DIDN'T need to collect. Sounds crazy but it worked. By doing this you create better combinations for the colors you need to clear.


Me three on the winning immediately after reading page! Hahaha. (And the interesting part was I was trying these same techniques all along).


I wanna play next level. but....


Ok I'm well pleased - after posting my comment 8hrs ago I got through Levle 140.

I have to confess I reluctantly bought 5 extra moves for 69p and the the very last move got me through.

Tip: take your time - and look for color bombs matched with a required striped candy. Red yellow or orange.


I've recently (yesterday) arrived on Level 140 and have spent about 100 lives already.. The thing is when I watch the tips videos they all seem to get more opportunities to make a striped candy than I am getting, why is this? All i seem to be doing is clearing 3 candies. Occasionally I get a colour bomb. This very frustrating as I know I'm no ways going to reach the 99 score at this rate. The closest I've got is 5 on yellow, 20 red and 15 orange left. Is it to do with the way i am playing?


I feel like a robot on this level now, seriously its been over a month now, playing it over and over its soooo boring, ive done the jazzies with the stripes multiple times and ive even been down to 1 yellow with 7 moves left ( my heart was going to explode I was so exited), but it STILL wouldn't let me complete it. Oh well I should another life ready for me now,back to it I spose zzz zzz zzz


I just beat this level after about 2 weeks of CONSTANTLY playing! The only thing I can tell you is that you have to think very carefully before you make any moves. When I finally won, it was after getting about 5 special balls (the chocolate sprinkle ones) and using them only on red, yellow, and orange. If you focus on making 5-candy combos instead of waiting for the special balls to come up by chance, you will eventually beat the level. It's about 50% luck and 50% skill!


@Kari Fox i just read your post and the very next game i finally beat 140. Crazy stuff! It was on the last move too. I needed 3 yellows and just got it. Finally!

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