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Light-bulbstuck on level 140

by Rose Truong Hanaki - Feb 13, 2013 Star_s1,201,390 views

Does anyone have any hints on level 140? i've tried the multi colored ball many times but it doesn't help. Thanks for any hints you can give!

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Help, I'm Stuck!

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This level requires many combos.
Alternatively if combos are not available, play it like a time-based game - you need to make multiple hits in 1 move (domino effect).
Always try to make your move from the bottom, of course unless you can create specials on top.



The only way is to combine at least three bombs with 3 striped candies. Don't just use the bombs on regular candies and when u get a bomb work to get a striped candy next to the bomb. This level took me about 100 lives!


I competed level 140 3 times but not make the points 202900 I got all the 99 red,yelllow and orange but the points was too hard. The way I got all the colors was matching 5-6 of same color you will get the color the chocolate bomb check and see which color you need to get to zero it's not easy but try and get 5-6 matched that's the easiest way to get all the colors to zero getting the colors 4 in a row helps but 5-6 Gets the chocolate bomb but the hardest is getting to 202900 is the hardest part.


This level 140 is the most stupidest level ever ! Not enough chances for a combo and the computer knows what colours to drop down. Getting close to abondoning this game altogether. Re the jackpot, the spinning wheel is set up not to give out the jackpot at all. Have spun it many times and got all the other fields multiple times.


Me too!! For the second time. I'm just like this girl lol

Candy Crush Hell - girl cries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0ORhS0FA7A



Hello Rose,

For me it worked very well to take a look at a Level Guide, for example this one: http://wordwiththeletterq.com/level-140-candy-crush-saga-tips-to-complete-this-level.htm

Good luck playing!


Remember they run a business and need cash so certain levels will never be beaten by tactics or strategy alone .


Why have they removed the 5 attempts on both crush level and the ODI one. Is this to make you give up quicker?' Just saying cos no one reads these posts


If you need a million blues and green this your game


Has anyone ever won the jackpot on the fixed wheel of misfortune ? How many positive feeds are from KING employees?


Has anyone ever won the jackpot on the fixed wheel of misfortune ?


best hint and tip is delete


If it was green blue and purple needed this level would be completed in 5 moves because that's all you get


Is it possible to win the jackpot using the wheel of misfortune. Does ODI always fall when you have a chance to complete the level. ???? DOES ANY ONE ACTUALLY READ THESES POSTS?


Is it possible to win the jackpot using the wheel of misfortune. Does ODI always fall when you have a chance to complete the level. ????


226 left to get all lives used .I only match colours not needed much harder but more interesting than trying to complete the game normally


Try swiping sideways as much as you can. You still won't win but makes it a lot more interesting in passing time


Computer generated hints and tips like the one above will always complete the level to make it look easy


Before deleting this game due to being stuck on level 140 for to long I noticed that the more reds you start with the less chance of getting anywhere near completing. Best idea delete the game and get one you can complete without being forced to pay to progress .

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