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1 Level 36 52 people
2 Level 635 46 people
3 Level 470 40 people
4 Level 152 39 people
5 Level 42 37 people

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Light-bulbstuck on level 41 please help

by LaDonna Thompson - Feb 14, 2013 Star_s6,819 views
Help, I'm Stuck too!

Welcome aboard! Now you are one of the 39 people stuck on this level. Welcome aboard! You are the first person brave enough to admit being stuck! 1 person stuck on this level.

Help, I'm Stuck!

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12-em-plus add reply

@Bridget Black, while you play a Youtube video, the icon at the lower left habnd side will work as a pause button. Use that to get the video gameplay to be presented with the speed that suits you the best. 


Good luck wirth your gaming! 


way to fast to be helpful

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