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Question-whiteHow to restart attraction

by Christine Jackson Wiech - Feb 15, 2013 Star_s249 views

A couple of the quests require that you restart an attraction. How do you do this? All I get is the boost button.

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12-em-plus add reply

to restart an attraction, you need to boost it till it explodes ( approx 6 boost will do it) then you click on it and if you have enough trill points and goods you click it and it will restart. enjoy
the game all.


All I had done is boosted the attraction several times till it looks like burned and a blue box appear on it, clicked and restart again, in that way you don't need to wait for the time, for example 12h or 24h. I hope it helps


Please note that Boosting an Attraction causes the timer to restart so don't Boost something that needs a Restart.


well you have to wait till that attraction stop then you can start it again it only takes i think 24 hours from when you start till its stops I hope this will help you lol


You have to wait for the attraction to run down. When you hover over an attraction a window will open that tells you how long before it needs restarted. When the little rocket (thrill point) indicator appears over an attraction it needs restarted.

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