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by Helen McGookin - Feb 16, 2013 Star_s20,206 views

I play candy crush saga on my laptop. Why is it that when people have sent me lives eg. 11 or 12 lives I can't collect them if I already have 5 lives. My daughter and niece play the game on their phone and have a little message icon that comes up where they can keep the lives aside for when they run out but I can't. There is no message icon when playing on a pc or laptop.

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I think the trick is to go back to the message box (envelope in right corner) before you run out of lives... you must have at least 1 life left or the envelope disappears when you hit o lives! Very frustrating... but, I think this is the only way it works from pc... I will have to wait to try it tom b/c I screwed up & lost the envelope/lives for today! Ahhhh


I found this for the same issue FB on laptop wasn't letting me use the lives I didn't need upon signing in that were given me because once I closed the messages, there was no way to retrieve them again. Now I go back (yesterday I had this problem still) and there's a small envelope in the upper right corner! Finally I can use ALL the lives sent by my friends!


Same thing happens to me on facebook...I just don't except them and then when I run outof lives I refresh and I have 5 more lives ...do this until you run out :-)


There are levels on the computer that are not on my cell phone yet. So added the lives on my cell then going to my computer will not work. They need to update mobile devices past level 410. Its horrible playing candy crush on the computer.


This is what I do.. When I run out of lives, I get on my phone, go to my messages icon and accept 5 lives that people have sent me, close out on my phone and start playing on my pc again.


This is so frustrating... It is a FB app so why is there no such thing???


There is no such thing in the Facebook version.


i have the same problem ...have asked for help in numerous forums...no answers...very frustrating

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